MTC develops road and transportation safety policies | News

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MTC develops road and transportation safety policies | News

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) seeks to have an easier and safer road connection in the national territory for the benefit of Peruvians and therefore works on national road and transport safety policies, the sector portfolio reported today.

Both policies are expected to be approved in the course of this year, the MTC said.

The National Road Safety Policy aims to improve the quality of life of the population, implementing a strategic road safety plan, he explained.

With this, traffic accidents will be reduced, health services for victims of road accidents will be optimized, the number of road sections with a high concentration of traffic accidents will be reduced and sustainable and safe transport will be prioritized, he said.

The MTC also works on the National Transportation Policy in order to strengthen the quality of services, governance, development and conservation of infrastructure, he said. “The goal is to reduce travel times for people and goods,” he noted.

Among the opportunities that this policy generates are the creation of intermodal transport services, the promotion of a preventive culture as a fundamental principle of sustainability and road safety, and the migration to sustainable energy matrices, he said.

This in turn will allow the adoption of new technologies for the transport service, a regulation that promotes competitive and efficient service markets and the reinforcement of the institutional framework in the sector, he concluded.

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Published: 9/26/2021

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