MTC and municipalities join forces for fast, orderly and safe transportation | News

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MTC and municipalities join forces for fast, orderly and safe transportation | News

Fast, orderly and safe transport! In order to improve the conditions of mass public transport for the benefit of the citizens of Coronel Portillo (Ucayali), Cajamarca and Huancayo (Junín), the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) signed framework agreements for inter-institutional cooperation with the authorities of the provincial municipalities.

Through the National Sustainable Urban Transport Program (Promotility), The MTC works with the municipalities so that people have a quality public transport service, which reduces travel times, increases road safety, improves the population’s access to employment and service provision areas and reduces the emission of polluting gases.

“With the signing of these cooperation agreements, the MTC fulfills the responsibility of supporting local governments under the scope of Promobility, in order to improve land transport of people and cargo in the main cities of the country, by promoting sustainable mobility “, said the Vice Minister of Transport, Verónica Cáceres.

The executive director of Promovilidad, Pablo Félix Luciani, reported that, with this accompaniment to the municipal authorities, The MTC is forging the pillars on which cities must be built: infrastructure, education and the legal framework.

We will improve people’s quality of life by focusing on mobility, sustainability and socio-diversity, reducing travel times and strengthening road safety to reduce accidents and managing traffic and transportation in each city ”, he pointed out.

The provincial mayor of Coronel Portillo, Segundo Pérez Collazos; its municipal manager, Edwin Tello González; the regidor of Cajamarca, Juan Portal Pizarro; the Deputy Mayor of Huancayo, Sandro Véliz Soto; and the Assistant Manager of Planning of said institution, David Pacheco Mendoza.

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