msp kya hai: msp kisan andolan news today latest news : Dilemma on MSP guarantee, balance needed between all parties

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msp kya hai: msp kisan andolan news today latest news : Dilemma on MSP guarantee, balance needed between all parties

Even after the Center’s announcement of withdrawing all the three agricultural laws, there is no sign of the end of the farmers’ movement. The United Kisan Morcha, which is leading the movement, has said that it will appeal to the government to start talks on the pending demands. He is also demanding for the purchase of all crops, especially the legal guarantee of Minimum Support Price (MSP), abolition of FIRs lodged against farmers, withdrawal of Electricity Amendment Bill 2020. The Morcha has also demanded compensation for the 670 farmers who died during the agitation. The government has already announced the formation of a committee on MSP, but it does not seem that this issue will be resolved soon. Farmer’s organizations say that after getting a legal guarantee on MSP, it will become the minimum price. Then the private sector along with the government will have to pay that minimum price for purchases. But this is not so easy. One problem with its implementation is that along with fixing the minimum price, the quality of the crop to be procured has to be fixed. If this happens, then MSP will not be available if the grain is below this standard.

The second thing is that at present, MSP is announced every year for 23 crops, but only five-six crops are procured out of them. It also benefits 10-12 percent farmers especially in states like Punjab, Haryana, West UP, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana. That’s why most of the farmers have to sell grains to traders at a lower price than this. To overcome this difficulty, states like Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Haryana had implemented Bhavantar scheme for some crops. In this they used to fix a price for these crops. If the farmers were forced to sell the crop at less than that price, then the state would compensate for that difference. These schemes increase the financial burden on the states, so they cannot be run for long. The legal guarantee of MSP can also increase the inflation of food grains, which may anger the urban middle class. The Reserve Bank of India will also not be happy with this, which is responsible for controlling inflation. Therefore, it can also have an impact on monetary policy. It should also be noted that agriculture is a state subject. Therefore, this issue will also have to be discussed with them. In this entire matter, the work of balancing the interests of all the parties will have to be done by the MSP committee. It has to reconcile the government’s promise of doubling the farmers’ income, complaints of declining farmers’ income due to low price of the crop, the MSP system being passed on to very few farmers and increasing exports of agricultural produce.


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