MPEDA-RCGA crab farming technology gets patent – mpedarcga crab farming technology gets patent

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MPEDA-RCGA crab farming technology gets patent – mpedarcga crab farming technology gets patent

Kochi, May 14 (Language) As an outstanding achievement in the country’s marine products sector, MEPEDA-RGCA has introduced Mud Crab hatchery technology (crab preparation technology) for 20 years from the Controller General, Patent, Design and Trade Mark of the Government of India. Patent has been received.

The patents of this technology of these institutes will remain till 2011-30. The patent application was pending for ten years.

Mud crab species (scientific name Silla serrata) are in good demand in South East Asian countries. For this purpose, the technology to prepare the gases has been developed by the Rajiv Gandhi Center for Aquaculture (RGCA), the research and development unit of the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA).

MPEDA Chairman KS Srinivas said that this remarkable success has been achieved in the history of Indian fisheries sector. The Central Government has granted a patent for this technology for the first time. “This will go a long way in fulfilling the demand of fish farmers (seeds of crab) for fishermen.” This will prove useful especially for those farmers who want to follow fish / crabs other than shrimp. ”

Srinivas said that MPEDA dedicates this success to the fisheries farmers of the country and the young scientists of the RGCA who have worked hard and encouraged the farmers for this discovery.

Srinivas is also the President of RGCA. In 2011, the RGCA applied to patent this mud crab crab hatchery technique. As of 2013, the scientist Dr. Emilia T. Cuencio of the Philippines-based South Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) was consulted to develop the technology.

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With this technology, the ratio of survival of base-ready ingredients has increased from three percent to seven percent in the order of development of crab vessels. So far, 72.8 lakh routes have been prepared and given to the farmers. This has benefited 659 fishermen.

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