Movie Review: Masala Phul, Nayapan Gul … Aisi Hai John Abraham’s ‘Satnayamev Jayate 2’

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Movie Review: Masala Phul, Nayapan Gul … Aisi Hai John Abraham’s ‘Satnayamev Jayate 2’

Satya Azad () is the Home Minister. They want to liberate the state from corruption. Want to bring anti-corruption bill. But his fellow party members in the House do not support him. Satya is disappointed as there is no majority in the House on the bill. The sad thing is that his wife Vidya () who is in opposition also does not support him. Meanwhile, there are some murders in the city. ACP Jai Azad (John Abraham) is called. We have to catch the killers. Now if you are thinking that this story is about two brothers. If brother is in the middle of a fight with his brother, then just wait, because there is much more to this story.

The story of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ released in the year 2018 was based on corruption and hunger for power. In such a situation, the same theme became a necessity for ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’. Writer-director Milap Xaveri and his team have spared no effort to save and maintain this theme. ‘Satyamev Jayate 2′ is woven like a mass film of 80’s. You will not be surprised when you see on screen that the character of John Abraham has become an honest man punishing the culprit of killing innocent people. You will not be surprised to know that there is no one else to punish the criminals, but the truth. Jai has just been brought to investigate it honestly and get justice. Milap Xavier does not hesitate to reveal that his film is a tribute to 80s films. This is fully reflected in the dialogues and screenplay of the film. For example, Satya calls ACP and says that he will punish the culprits, no matter what happens. Or the scene of Jai’s entry or the scene of Dadasaheb Azad (again John Abraham) as a farmer, where he is seen plowing a field with one hand in white clothes and both brothers in saffron and green clothes. There is also a scene in the film just before the climax, where the two brothers fight with each other. Overall, no effort has been spared in filling the spice according to the theme in the film. Milap Javeri has tried to cover many issues simultaneously in the film. It is a matter of corruption. There is the issue of farmers’ suicide. There is the issue of crime against women. There is also talk of Nirbhaya scandal. The ombudsman is the bill. It is a matter of religious harmony. Religious tolerance is also mentioned. Moreover, writers and directors have not stopped commenting on the role of today’s media and social media. John Abraham’s tried-and-tested spice on screen shows comfort in an old-school film. Then whether it is the character of the twin brothers or their father. Despite the triple role, John Abraham has played it with great ease and ease. If he shows a little restraint in the form of truth on screen, then he does not shy away from becoming the leader of the peasantry of an ordinary farmer Dadasaheb in the form of Jai or while fighting the Lokpal Bill in the Assembly. Divya Khosla Kumar looks good. He also has a major role in this male dominated film. Vidya’s character is such that it is with Sahi. She likes to keep quiet when she disagrees, but does not shy away from opposing her husband Satya and minister father (Harsh Chhaya) on issues. Gautami Kapoor is in the role of Dadasaheb’s wife and Satya and Jai’s mother in the film and looks fine. Apart from this, Harsh Chhaya, Anoop Soni, Zakir Hussain, Dayashankar Pandey and Sahil Vaid have played their part well. The songs of the film soothe the ears. Then whether it is the wedding song ‘Tenu Lehanga’ or Karwa Chauth’s song ‘Meri Zindagi Tu.’ Apart from this, Nora Fatehi’s smashing number is also ‘Kusu Kusu’. ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ is a hardcore action film. John Abraham does not disappoint as an action hero. Then whether it is lifting a motorcycle by hand or tearing the engine of an SUV in two and bringing a crack on the ground. There is a lot to whistle in the film for action lovers. By the way, we understand that the film is a tribute to the cinema of the 80s, but still seeing the scene of three John Abraham together preventing a helicopter from flying on the screen, it seems that it has become a bit too much. All in all if you like mas masala film. The three of them want to see John Abraham together on screen. If you feel like diving into 80s movies, you can watch ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’.

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