Movie Review: Kartik Aryan’s Thriller ‘Dhamaka’

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Movie Review: Kartik Aryan’s Thriller ‘Dhamaka’

Molecular transactions The movie ‘Dhamaka’ was in the news for a long time due to its completely different look. In Chocolate Boy Karthik is playing a completely different role. For the first time, Karthik is in the intense role of a journalist. Now this film has been released online.

Story: The story of the film is about a news anchor Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aryan) who is demoted from the channel and made a radio jockey. One day he gets a call from a man during a radio show due to which Arjun has a chance to get his old position. In this call, a man threatens to blow up Mumbai’s Bandra-Worli Sealink with a bomb. Now Arjun increases his popularity through this call or tries to catch this man by listening to the voice of his inner soul, this is the story of the film.

Review: The film is a Hindi remake of the South Korean film ‘The Terror Live’. The film raises the issue of whether a journalist can be trusted. Does he have any intuition or does he just forget his duty in the game of TRP. Questions have always been raised on the media and this is also the main issue of this film. The film shows how a journalist Arjun rethinks his duties, ideals and his right work in difficult times. The film was shot in just 11 days during the lockdown. Dhamaka is entirely Karthik Aryan’s film. The story of the explosion binds you but its script does not look so strong. It also has some extremely dramatic dialogues. In the film, the media personnel are portrayed in a negative way. It has tried to convey the message to the media why they are called the fourth pillar of democracy. Ram Madhavani’s direction is definitely good.

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Acting: ‘Dhamaka’ is a kind of one-man show in which Karthik Aryan has got full opportunity and he has performed it in a better way. Even though Karthik’s acting is not as loud as it should be, his hard work is visible. Karthik has proved that he can play different roles besides the roles of Chocolate Boy. Mrinal Thakur has not got any special opportunity in the cameo role as Karthik’s wife. Yes, Amrita Subhash is definitely Janchi as Karthik’s boss.

See why: If you are a fan of Karthik and fond of thriller movies, then definitely check it out.

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