Movie Review: ‘Cash’ is the dawn of comedy on note ban

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Movie Review: ‘Cash’ is the dawn of comedy on note ban

Arman Gulati (Amol Parashar) is young. He has no shortage of ideas. He has a lot of confidence in startups. There is a passion to make money. Jugaad makes every deteriorating work. Yes, it is a different matter that the connection of his ideas with luck is not right. So his business closes before it starts. In the meanwhile comes the note ban. Arman’s uncle has Rs 5 crore in 500 and 1000 notes. Black has to be made white. The game of money laundering begins. The race begins. The girl has an entry. There is also an entry in the story of the police and a Bahubali former MLA. The story progresses like a fun ride and reaches climax.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the ban on banknotes in the country on November 8, 2016. During this time people in every corner of Hindustan faced various problems. I don’t know how much effect it had on black money, but the morning and evening of the general public must have passed in line outside the bank. But in the meanwhile we all saw people around us who seemed to adopt different tricks to make their black money somehow white. Then whether it is to put money in the account of Bai who works in the house or something else. The hero of the film Arman Gulati (Amol Parashar) has to make money. His startup ideas often fail. He understands that by laundering money, he can make money from commission. He is fast-paced, so he knows how to circulate money. Now he has Rs 5 crore, which he circulates everywhere from jewelery shops to railway tickets. Obviously, if there is more money, then there will be more running in this cycle. There is also a suspense with comedy in the film as to whether Armaan can make this flurry of money, although you know it in Climax. Director Rishabh Seth has come up with a comedy film under the pretext of note ban, which does not tire you out. The average entertainer. Sometimes she laughs. At the same time, under the pretext of film, we also get information about many such methods, which have turned black money into white somewhere during the banknote ban. The film has been released on OTT and is such that you can watch it with family while having dinner at night. The canvas of the film is not very big. It is like ordinary life. There is no scope in the story of VFX or big sets. Therefore, it continues to move forward in a light-hearted manner. We have seen Amol Parashar in ‘Sardar Udham’ recently. Amol, who started his film career with ‘Rocket Singh’, looks confident on screen. But they lack the charm that pulls the film over their shoulders. He is in the role of his friend, who supports him every time even though he doesn’t want to. Kevin is a talented actor and he looks natural. Actress Smriti Kalra of the film has a lot to do. Swanand Kirkire and Gulshan Grover have also done their part well. There are not many songs in the film. Its music doesn’t stay with you, but it doesn’t bore you during the movie. Director Rishabh Seth’s efforts are good. But one problem is that 5 years have passed since the story he is telling. In this case, it takes time to connect with the story as a spectator in the beginning. One of the reasons for this is that after the banknote ban, an epidemic like Corona in the country imprisoned the people to such an extent that the troubles of the period are starting to seem less now. On the whole, the good thing about ‘cash’ is that it doesn’t seem cumbersome. However it is also not the case that 1 hours remember it after 58 minutes. The movie is a time pass and can be seen once.

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