‘Moulin Rouge!’ There is a new satin. She’s surprised she’s back on Broadway.

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‘Moulin Rouge!’ There is a new satin. She’s surprised she’s back on Broadway.

Speaking of your path, I looked at your Instagram and you mentioned Transcendental Meditation, Christ, the Divine Mother, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rama Das, Rumi, a Hindu deity, St. Francis of Assisi. What’s up?

I really respect the essence that permeates all great religions, including the belief in quantum mechanics. The intelligence that allows a flower to bloom. That invisible element that connects and pervades all. We see crema above every great faith. That’s the only commonality they all share, which is love and peace and compassion. I am a fan of all of them and a devotee of all of them.

Your last Broadway appearance was “Spider-Man.” You left after a stroke. Tell me what you thought about coming back.

I realized there was some unfinished business here, because it led to some weird feelings, like, “Do I want to go over that again?” And I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to perform on Broadway again, because sometimes when things like that happen, you’re untouchable. “Oh, you know, she was part of that production.” And so this opportunity has to be given, and the narrative to change, because I’m certainly not a quitter — it’s the last thing I ever expected, but it’s incredibly beautiful to do so.

How do you see “Spider-Man” in the rearview mirror?

It has its own Greek myth, doesn’t it? It was a really powerful turning point for me. Getting that close, and not doing so suddenly, was a very devastating blow. And at the same time, it is always those destructive blows that propel you, if you let them spiritually lead you in a direction that could be the greatest gift of your life, and of course that has happened. I am so grateful for having gone through that experience, and also for carrying so many lessons from that experience into this experience. It’s all beautiful.

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When I heard that you got the role, the first thing that struck me is that Satin flies. Did it drive you crazy?

off course not. People thought I had left the show because I was scared, and I was not. I was making a stand. People’s safety is important, and it wasn’t my safety that I was worried about. I am a rock climber. I’m not afraid of heights. I’m not afraid. I don’t think any show is worth risking anyone’s life especially these dancers who have trained their whole life to get on that stage. How much do you have to respect those bodies, because this is their livelihood. I have never wanted so much stardom that I could compromise with my integrity. And I don’t mind taking a stand for anyone.

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