Morning walk benefits | Morning walk more beneficial than evening walk; See how the results are

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Morning walk benefits | Morning walk more beneficial than evening walk; See how the results are

Mumbai: In a stressful life, many people seem to give priority to physical fitness. Many people prefer to go for a walk in the morning or in the evening depending on the availability of work, knowing how much the benefits of walking habits bring about positive changes in the body. But, do you know what is the best time to go for a walk? & Nbsp;

Some experts from Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai have published important information in this regard. The study found that people who took morning walks had better cardiovascular fitness than those who took evening walks. The & lsquo; Effect of Morning vs. Evening Walk on Cardiovascular Fitness in Adults & rsquo; The study was conducted by the Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine at Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital. A total of 203 healthy adults who studied at least 30 minutes three times a week for three months or more were studied. & Nbsp;

Coronavirus Crisis | The situation in the country is critical, with night curfews and lockdowns in these cities in the last 24 hours."text-align: justify;"> What are the benefits? & Nbsp;
Walking in the morning increases the blood’s ability to hold oxygen, improves blood circulation, and improves blood supply to the surrounding nerves. Another reason why morning walkers have better VC and PEFR is the effect of temperature as well as ozone gas. The concentration of ozone in the air is reduced in the evening. & Nbsp;

There was no numerical difference in the resting heart rate of evening and morning walkers. However, people with high blood pressure were more likely to walk in the evening than those walking in the morning. Morning walkers have higher systolic and diastolic BP because they exercise before taking medication, the researchers said. & Nbsp;

The YMCA classification was used to assess the fitness level of individuals in this very important observational study. This classification is based on how quickly the heart rate returns to normal after exercise. Overall physical fitness consists of five different factors: aerobic or cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, resilience, body composition.
The YMCS test measures the time it takes for heart rate to stabilize after exercise. The fitter a person is, the faster their heart rate becomes normal. More (71) Morning Walkers received categories in the YMCA classification as Excellent, Good and Average. The number of evening walkers was 55. Similarly, the number of evening walkers who have obtained the categories of ordinary, lower than normal, inferior is 46, while among the morning walkers it is 28. & nbsp;

The health benefits outweigh the evening walks. These benefits go beyond just breathing fresh air. Overall walking improves heart health, regulates blood pressure, improves blood circulation, improves lung capacity, strengthens and strengthens muscles. These benefits are further enhanced by walking in the morning. People who walk between 5 and 6 in the morning have been shown to have better vital capacity and maximum expiratory flow than others. & Rdquo;. & Nbsp;

Expert opinion and information from studies have shown that morning walkers have many benefits from this habit. So if you don’t have this habit now, this is the right time. Be careful, stay healthy! & Nbsp;

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