modi vs mamata in 2024: why mamata banerjee vs sonia gandhi essential for tmc to convert 2024 as modi vs mamata battle necessary, understand

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modi vs mamata in 2024: why mamata banerjee vs sonia gandhi essential for tmc to convert 2024 as modi vs mamata battle necessary, understand

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The state in which the party did not even exist. Where in the last election the party had not fielded even a candidate. There overnight it becomes the main opposition party. We are talking about Mamata Banerjee’s party TMC and the state is Meghalaya. On Wednesday, 11 of the 17 Congress MLAs in Meghalaya joined the Trinamool Congress, including former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. This is not only a major breach in one party by another party, but it is also a testimony of the fact that Mamata Banerjee is now ready to take on the BJP outside Bengal.

Didi, who has proved her mettle on many occasions, is now on the Prime Minister’s chair. The goal is long-term and aggressive expansion of the party is the need of the hour. This aggression of Mamta is a sign of danger for Narendra Modi and BJP in future, but right now it has increased the concern of anyone, it is Sonia Gandhi and Congress. There is panic in the Congress camp. At present, it has taken the form of a cold war between ‘Sonia Gandhi Vs Mamta Banerjee’. Let us try to understand Mamta’s ‘Mission Delhi’ on the pretext of this cold war. Also why TMC’s path to convert 2024 into ‘Modi vs Mamta’ goes through ‘Sonia vs Mamta’ first.

‘Sonia vs Mamata’ the beginning of the cold war
Mamta Banerjee came on a two-day visit to Delhi ahead of the winter session of Parliament. Mamta Banerjee has been coming to Delhi in the past also just before the session to unite the opposition as part of the strategy to surround the Modi government in Parliament. But this time he did not meet Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. Whenever Didi has come to Delhi after Narendra Modi came to power at the Center, meeting Sonia Gandhi was a kind of essential part of her schedule. But this time it didn’t happen. What’s more, when Didi was asked about this, in response the question was stained – why should I get it? Why do we need to meet Sonia every time? It is not written in the constitution.

Why should we meet Sonia Gandhi every time? It is not constitutionally mandatory.

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister, West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee’s relations with Sonia Gandhi have been good. But Mamta Banerjee cannot let personal relationships come in the way of ‘Mission Delhi’. Personal relationships at their place, politics at their places. There should also be an atmosphere conducive to meeting. The way TMC is engaged in sabotage within the Congress, at the same time there is no atmosphere for Sonia-Mamata meeting. Mamta, who had cut her shoulders with Sonia, herself told in Delhi that she would soon go to Mumbai. NCP Chief Sharad Pawar and Shiv Sena supremo meet Uddhav Thackeray. The message is clear. Mamta now wants to be the axis of opposition unity, wants to be the face of opposition against Narendra Modi.

Opportunity for Mamta’s weakening Congress
there is a saying. All is fair in war and love. With the changing times, this proverb has also changed. Politics has also been added to this, that is, everything is fair in war, love and politics. Mamta Banerjee is on ‘Mission Delhi’. The contest is with Narendra Modi, it is with BJP. One has to increase one’s own strength to take on the mighty. This is what TMC’s aggressive expansion is all about at the national level. Earlier, when a kingdom was weak, the mighty king used to attack it. would occupy. War used to be a means then and now political maneuvers become a means in a democracy. Anyway, everything is said to be fair in politics. TMC is doing the same. Congress looks weak. Sonia Gandhi has become politically inactive due to old age and health.

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Rahul has the power to fight but the hold on the party has weakened
Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are putting all their might from their side. However, Priyanka has confined herself to UP. If it is a matter of taking iron from the Modi government, then at present there is no bigger face in the opposition than Rahul Gandhi. He has proved it too. Every time he has opened a front against the Modi government by staying on the front. Inside the Parliament as well as outside the House. The government has also been bowed down on some occasions. The Modi government had to take a U-turn on the issue of land acquisition and agriculture law. If any party or leader was the most attacker on both these issues, it was without a doubt Rahul Gandhi. Before the elections in UP, every party will throw its strength, but Priyanka-Rahul remained at the forefront in besieging the Yogi government by coming out on the road. The party may be fighting for existence in the largest state of the country, but the main opposition has shown the will to fight.

BJP tries to show every time that it does not consider Rahul a challenge, does not take him seriously. But the country has also seen how an army of Union ministers comes out to counter the Congress leader’s attacks. But it is equally true that Rahul Gandhi’s hold on his own party has weakened. The reason may be Sonia Gandhi’s inability to remain active or distance from power for a long time or something else. Rebels are rising within the party. leaving with you. Many trusted leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Jitin Prasada switched to BJP. There is a G-23 group of dissenters. Senior leaders within the Congress have their own rhetoric on national issues like national security, terrorism, Hindutva. After lakhs of efforts of Rahul-Priyanka, Congress is looking tired. Looks scattered and Mamata Banerjee is scrambling to replace her. Sabotaging Congress.

Trying to show itself as an alternative to BJP at the national level
Mamta Banerjee is seeing the weakening Congress as a big opportunity for her ‘Mission Delhi’ and she wants to grab this opportunity with both hands. The exercise to set this narrative ‘Can give many competitions to Narendra Modi, then it is Mamta Banerjee’ was done with the inclusion of BJP’s stalwart Yashwant Sinha in the party. To further strengthen the house, leaders like Mukul Roy, who had left the TMC and joined the BJP, are doing the return home. Congress is becoming the easiest target for the expansion of TMC at the national level. To increase penetration in the Northeast, Congress’s flamboyant former MP Sushmita Dev was included in the party. Broke the former Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro, who was a strong leader of Congress in Goa. Both were sent to Rajya Sabha. Former President Late Pranab Mukherjee’s son Abhijit Mukherjee has also left the Congress and joined TMC. TMC has also become the whereabouts of Lalitesh Tripathi, grandson of Kamala Pati Tripathi, a strong Congress leader and Chief Minister in UP. Former cricketer and former MP Kirti Azad, who switched from BJP to Congress, JDU leader and former Rajya Sabha MP Pavan Verma, Ashok Tanwar, who was the President of Haryana Congress, have also joined the party.

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The effect of Mamata’s aggressive expansion policy is also visible. In Meghalaya, 11 MLAs including Congress veteran and former CM Mukul Sangma have joined TMC. TMC is now emerging as the hideout of the rebels of BJP and Congress. Dore is also being cast on BJP’s firebrand leader Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy. On the other hand, if the Congress is not able to repair its house in time, then the disgruntled leaders of G-23 will also become TMC, there will be no surprise in this. The real utility of leaders brought in by sabotage in other parties will be decided in the elections, but TMC has gained so much for the time being that at the national level, TMC is being seen as a possible alternative to BJP. At least it is so in the eyes of the rebels of all parties.

Modi vs Mamata in 2024?
It was during the Bengal assembly elections held this year that Mamata Banerjee had announced that in 2024 she would give a fight to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in her parliamentary constituency Varanasi. TMC’s aggressive expansion is part of the exercise to make the 2024 election Modi vs Mamata. Didi’s image has been that of Street Fighter. There is no word like impossible in his dictionary. She can handle the election campaign even sitting on a wheel chair with a broken leg to save her fort, then she can make Nandigram and Singur ‘Kurukshetra’ to demolish the fort of the Left.

Mamta Banerjee, who first came into the limelight at the national level after defeating veteran Left leader Somnath Chatterjee from Jadavpur Lok Sabha seat on Congress ticket in 1984, has been a difficult target to set and achieve at any cost. After differences in 1998, he separated from Congress and laid the foundation of Trinamool Congress. Only 13 years later, in 2011, he demolished the impregnable fort of the Left parties in West Bengal. She occupied the chief minister’s chair by overthrowing the Left, who had been in power in Bengal for 34 years. Now once again Mamta has set a difficult target. Then the target was the left. Today the target is Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP. Mamta, who has the passion to achieve the goal in any case, will leave no stone unturned. She is moving ahead in the path of ‘Mission Delhi’ by doing saam-daam-dand-bhed. In the wake of Modi vs Mamata in 2024, Sonia vs Mamata’s cold war may intensify in the coming times.

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