modi govt roll back farm law: know that indian state which is not affected in any case of modi govt agriculture bill

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modi govt roll back farm law: know that indian state which is not affected in any case of modi govt agriculture bill


On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have announced the withdrawal of agricultural laws. But it will not make any difference in one state of the country. That state is Bihar… read here why the withdrawal of agriculture law to Bihar will not make any difference.

Nitish had implemented the same law in Bihar 15 years ago

Due to which the farmers’ organizations gave a ruckus to the central government. PM Modi himself has announced to withdraw that law. But the same law has been implemented in Bihar 15 years back. After ousting the Lalu-Rabri government from power in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had first passed this law during his rule.
Forgiveness, penance, holy, light, truth… PM Modi’s helplessness spilled over by many words in this 59 seconds of speechAPMC Act was abolished in Bihar in 2006 itself
In 2006 itself, Bihar became the first state in the country to repeal the APMC Act (Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act). After this, in Bihar, which provided the facility of direct purchase to the private companies from the farmers. However, there was no hue and cry in Bihar over this new agricultural law.
Modi’s master stroke: In one stroke the opposition was unarmed
Then market committees had become the den of corruption in Bihar.
According to Patna’s educationist and expert Dr. Sanjay Kumar, by 2005, market committees had become a den of corruption in Bihar. There the Dabangs started contracting in their own way. The direct loss was being caused to the farmers. They used to grow crops by working hard, but in return they used to get so much money which was less than the cost. Since Nitish had taken over the new power in Bihar, he had a good knowledge of this system. There was also a promise of good governance to the people and Bihar has a large number of farmer voters.

According to Dr. Sanjay Kumar, at the same time Nitish abolished the APMC Act and implemented the PACS system in its place. It benefited the farmers that they came to know that the market price of their crop would remain the same and not change according to the system of the oppressors. Obviously that law is still applicable in Bihar. Withdrawal of the Agriculture Act of the Center will not make any difference to Bihar for the same reason.

while withdrawing agriculture law What did PM Modi say
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 9 am on Friday. In this address, he said that ‘comrades, while apologizing to the countrymen, I want to say with a sincere heart and with a pure heart that perhaps there must have been some deficiency in our austerity, due to which the truth like the light of the lamp, we have to give some farmer brothers. Couldn’t understand Today is the Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This is not the time to blame anyone. Today I have come to tell you, the entire country, that we have decided to withdraw three agricultural laws.

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