MML will grant discounts of up to 100% in payment of taxes, ballots and fines | News

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MML will grant discounts of up to 100% in payment of taxes, ballots and fines | News

In order to provide facilities for citizens to regularize their payments for tax concepts, ballots and administrative fines, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, through the Tax Administration Service (SAT), will grant discounts of between 5% and 100% in the amounts of debts and default interest.

Through this measure, published in the Official Gazette A Peruvian manThrough Ordinance 2393-2021, citizens will have access to discounts corresponding to 2021 and previous years. The payments can be made in cash or with any means of payment established by the SAT; likewise, debts can be divided as long as the first installment is paid on the day of subscription.

Ballots and administrative fines

The collecting entity grants discounts of between 62% and 90% to those who pay in cash their debts for traffic offenses, cargo transportation and minor vehicles, as well as administrative fines until 2021.

With regard to installment payments, citizens will be able to access up to a 70% discount, depending on the year in which the offense was committed; It will only be valid for those infringements imposed until 2020.

Property tax, excise duties and tax penalties

Regarding the cash payment of property, vehicle and alcabala taxes, between 45% and 100% will be discounted only on the default interest on the debt; for municipal taxes, the discount will be up to 50% on the unpaid balance and up to 100% on interest, and for tax penalties between 45% and 100% on the unpaid balance and interest, respectively.

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In the event that taxpayers want to split said payments, they will obtain a discount of up to 45% on the unpaid balance to be paid and up to 95% in interest, as appropriate.

5% additional discount for virtual payment

Likewise, in order to prevent them from traveling to the SAT offices, a 5% discount is offered to those who pay in cash through alternative channels, such as banks, authorized agents or on the SAT Lima website. The provision is effective for 60 calendar days.

Finally, discounts of 20% will be granted for the payment in cash or in installments of the costs and procedural expenses of the debts in compulsory collection; also a discount of between 25% and 95% for the cash payment of guardian rights.

For more information you can contact the lines of WhatsSAT (956 212 291, 983 744 044, 999 431 111, 940 199 995, 956 212 260 and 956 212 205) and the Aló SAT (01) 315-2400, write to [email protected], to the Facebook page SAT of Lima or to the online chat by entering this web link.

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