Minister of State for Agriculture, Chaudhari told the farmers to leave the stubbornness and return home

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Minister of State for Agriculture, Chaudhari told the farmers to leave the stubbornness and return home

New Delhi, Nov 19 (PTI) Amid the decision of farmers to continue their protest till they get the legal guarantee of Minimum Support Price (MSP), Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Choudhary on Friday urged farmers to return home and not adopt a stubborn attitude. . He said that the Center has fulfilled their demand by repealing three agricultural laws, so they should return to their homes.

Talking to PTI, Choudhary said that three central agricultural laws were brought in the interest of farmers after such laws were demanded for a long time. He said that the previous governments had also tried to bring these laws.

However, a section of the farming community did not try to understand these laws despite several rounds of discussions between the government and key representatives of the farmers’ unions.

“Even after discussions, they did not try to understand these laws. I think we could not succeed in convincing some farmers. That’s why with a big heart the Prime Minister took the historic decision to repeal the three agriculture laws.

He said the decision to repeal the bills was taken after discussion and added that if these laws had been implemented, farmers would not have had to wait for long to get the benefits.

On the decision not to withdraw the protests of farmers’ organizations till the Minimum Support Price (MSP) is guaranteed, the Minister said, “Can there be a bigger decision than this which the Prime Minister has taken care of the interest of a small section of farmers. Keeping it taken? Their demand was to repeal the laws and this demand is being fulfilled now.

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He further said that the leaders of the farmers’ union should not be obstinate. “Ab ghar wapsi hai (they should go back to their homes). They should concentrate on their farming activities.

In a major decision, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on Friday announced repeal of controversial three central agriculture laws and constitution of a committee on MSP and promotion of zero-budget farming.

Earlier in the day, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) – the apex body of 40 agricultural unions – said, “The farmers’ movement is not only against the repeal of the three black laws, but also against the demand for remunerative prices for all agricultural products and for all farmers.” There is also a statutory guarantee. There is still silence on this important demand of the farmers.

The SKM said that the demand to withdraw the Electricity Amendment Bill is yet to come.

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait said farmers’ protests would be called off only after Parliament repeals three laws and legally guarantees MSP for crops.

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