Minister for Women talks with organic farmers from the Lurín Valley | News

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Minister for Women talks with organic farmers from the Lurín Valley | News

The Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Anahí Durand, visited the Lurín Valley this Sunday in order to meet with the ecological farmers of the area and establish an open dialogue to learn about their needs and establish communication channels with the Executive Power.

The producers alerted the minister about the need to advance in the legal physical sanitation of their land and the difficulties they face in effectively irrigating their crops. In addition, they asked for support in the fight against gender violence.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) also participated in this meeting.

Entrepreneurship and training

In her speech, the minister highlighted the importance of the State supporting women’s entrepreneurship, facilitating training and connection with markets.

“Women are a bit behind in that; We have to advance in a relationship with Midagri, with regional and local governments, because they are the closest window to the territory, we have to do intersectoral and intergovernmental work, ”he said.

The minister also highlighted the work of women agricultural producers, which is not only carried out in the field, but also at home. “The women have to take the children to the farm, prepare the food, leave the house clean. He doesn’t have an hour of respite left, maybe just to sleep. ”

“All of this reduces their possibilities for training. That is why we seek to relieve women of responsibilities through the National Care System, so that the State supports us in these tasks and allows us, women, to develop professionally and professionally ”, said Durand.

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Sector policies

Finally, Minister Anahí Durand stressed the need to consult with the public on the policies promoted by the ministry that she leads.

“As the President has well said, this is a government of the people that has to be outside the desk, with the people. We are fulfilling that mandate by visiting regions and organizations every weekend. That is where the problems are and where the solutions have to come from ”, he pointed out.

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Posted on: 11/8/2021

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