Minedu: dropout rate in university education dropped to 11.5% | News

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Minedu: dropout rate in university education dropped to 11.5% | News

The rate of interruption of studies in licensed universities decreased by 4.7 percentage points, from 16.2% in the academic period 2020-2 to 11.5% in the academic period 2021-1, according to the Information Collection System for Higher Education ( SIRIES) of the Ministry of Education (Minedu).

It is important to consider that, before the pandemic, The rate of interruption of university studies was 12.6% in the 2019-2 cycle and later, before the arrival of the covid-19, it increased to 18.3% for the 2020-1 semester. However, for the 2020-2 cycle it fell to 16.2% and for the 2021-1 cycle it fell to 11.5%, the lowest rate, even compared to the pre-pandemic figure.

On the other hand, the regions of Amazonas (4.2%), Huancavelica (6.3%), Tacna (7.9%), Apurímac (8.4%) and Moquegua (8.6%) had the lowest interruption rates in 2021-1. In contrast to this, Loreto (16.7%), Callao (14.2%), Áncash (13.9%), Ayacucho (12.8%); and Lima (12.4%) had the highest.

The main causes of the interruption of studies are related to connectivity problems, welfare services for the student, economic conditions, among others.

The Minedu, for its part, in 2020 directed resources and worked hand in hand with public and private universities to promote the implementation of emergency remote education and guarantee the continuity of the educational service. Likewise, in fulfillment of its leading role, it carried out a set of actions to ensure the continuity of the studies and allocated an approximate of S / 520 million.

Among the actions carried out by the Ministry of Education, the pedagogical guidelines for the continuity of the educational service stand out; assistance to public universities for the implementation of remote emergency education with world-renowned organizations (University of Liverpool, TEC of Monterrey, UNED of Spain, British Council, among others); financing for institutional operation and functioning; the allocation of S / 61 million for contracting the internet service for students and teachers; 36,301 scholarships to promote the continuity of studies and 10,000 credits through Pronabec.

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