military exercise 2021: india military exercise news in hindi : india will beat china with ‘defense diplomacy’, exercises are being done with countries around the world maneuver

military exercise 2021: india military exercise news in hindi : india will beat china with ‘defense diplomacy’, exercises are being done with countries around the world maneuver

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Instead of peeping through the windows of the changing global environment, India seems to be fast moving on the strategy of playing openly in the field. Its new perspective of world se Raabte can also be seen on the maneuvers front. India is going to participate in an unprecedented number of bilateral and multilateral military exercises. This year it is going to have exercises with many countries of the world.

radical change in attitude of india
If you want to understand and examine the change in the attitude of India, then look at some of the terms being used by the officers sitting in the top positions. Terms like Defense Diplomacy, Strategic Signaling, Interoperability are easily coming on the tongues of officials today which were never heard before.

All-round benefits from maneuvers

India may have put an end to bilateral exercises with China since the military conflict broke out in eastern Ladakh in May last year, but its approach to China on the Rabte front is similar to that of other countries. Actually, India’s distance from China is also indicative. A senior army officer told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India (ToI), ‘Besides enhancing combat skills through maneuvers, adopting global best practices and operational strategy
Military and strategic cooperation, trust building and mutual interdependence with various countries are strengthened. He further said, ‘Defence diplomacy is a tool to promote India’s diplomatic interests.’

Pakistan is learning to fight with Rafale, China’s eyes too, why is its friendship with Turkey-Qatar dangerous for India?
India will give competition to China in the continent of Africa

For example, India has begun to expand its reach in Africa, where China already dominates. In response to this, India has adopted the strategy of maneuvering with African countries as well. Naturally, its purpose is to send strategic signals to China as was done through the Malabar exercise with America, Japan and Australia. The last time the Malabar exercise was conducted in Guam in the western Pacific Sea in late August. In April, a joint exercise of Quad plus France (USA, Japan, Australia, India and France) took place in the Bay of Bengal against the use of Chinese force in the Indo-Pacific region.

flurry of maneuvers

India is also going to carry out several joint exercises during the rest of this year. In this sequence, a naval exercise of Quad Plus UK is to be held in the Bay of Bengal next month. After that, there will be an exercise of all the three wings of the army (Army, Navy and Air Force) with the UK. The 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier HMS Quinn Elizabeth and the fifth-generation light combat aircraft F-35B will be at the center of these maneuvers, which will take place from October 24 to 27. Keep in mind that India has so far exercised the three wings of the army along with America and Russia.

American soldiers arrived in the sandy areas of Rajasthan, will ‘exercise’ with the Indian Army for 14 days
Army did many maneuvers

The Indian Army has recently carried out the ‘Indra’ exercise in Russia and ‘Kazind’ in Kazakhstan. The ‘Zapad’ exercise of 17 countries is still going on in Russia in which India has included about 2000 of its soldiers. Apart from these, till November, ‘Surya Kiran’ with Nepal, ‘Mitra Shakti’ with Sri Lanka, ‘Ajeya Warrior’ with UK, ‘Yuddha Abhyas’ with America and ‘Shakti’ with France will be held. Huh.

navy at the fore

On the other hand, the Indian Navy has also conducted maneuvers this year from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand to Kenya, UAE, Qatar, Brunei, Bahrain, Egypt, UK and Germany. Warships of the Indian Navy have also participated in exercises for the first time with Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and the European Union Naval Taskforce.

Indian and French Air Force aircraft conducted maneuvers in Jodhpur
Air Force is not far behind

As far as the Indian Air Force is concerned, it also sent its Sukhoi-30MKI warplanes and C-17 Globemaster-3 aircraft in the exercise conducted at Alad Dafra airbase with the US, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in March. . An official said, “India is engaged in increasing its military reach in the strategic region of the Persian Gulf.”

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