Militant Attack in srinagar news: Police team attacked in Khanyar area of ​​Srinagar

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Militant Attack in srinagar news: Police team attacked in Khanyar area of ​​Srinagar

Govind Chauhan, Srinagar
Terrorists attacked a police patrol team in Khanyar area of ​​Srinagar. Firing was fired on the team at once, in which three including two police personnel were injured. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. After the attack, the search has been started by encircling the entire area. CCTV is being scanned, but there is no clue of the terrorists.

According to the information, a police team was patrolling in the Shiraj area of ​​Khanyar in the evening. Then the terrorists sitting in the ambush attacked the team at once. The team was fired upon and after that the terrorists fled from the spot. Two police personnel and a civilian came in the grip of this firing. In which all three were injured. Two of them have been shot in the stomach. He is undergoing treatment.

Terrorists absconding after attacking
After the attack, additional soldiers came to the spot and surrounded the entire area. So that the attacking terrorists could be caught, but no hand came. It was told that the terrorists fled from the spot immediately after the attack.

Terrorist organization not found
It is being told that some vehicle was used in the attack. Police officials say that it is not yet known for sure which organization carried out the attack.

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