Michelle Wu ups her game for power in Boston

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Michelle Wu ups her game for power in Boston

“You’re not my daughter anymore, and I’m not your mother,” Ms. Wu’s mother told her.

Ms. Wu marks this period as the crossroads in her life, the point where she let go of the script her parents had written for her.

“Life seems too short when there’s that kind of switch, ” he said.

The head of the family was held by Ms. Wu, who was 22 at the time. She became the primary parent of her youngest sister, who was 11, eventually applying for legal guardianship. He administered psychiatric treatment for his mother, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and opened a small tea shop, thinking that his mother could afford it.

Then, frustrated by bureaucratic constraints, she enrolled at Harvard Law School, bringing her mother and sister back to Boston with her. This time, he intended to stay.

Ms. Warren, who taught contract law, recalls that Ms. Wu used to come to her office hours in her first semester of law school.

Ms. Wu had come to apologize for some academic shortcomings, although Ms. Warren did not notice it. “She felt she hadn’t done her best and wanted me to know there was no disrespect,” Ms Warren recalled.

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As they sat down together, Ms. Wu told the story of how she had come to care for her mother and sisters. Ms. Warren listened, astonished. “Michelle was doing something in law school that, in 25 years of teaching, I never knew another student would do it,” she said.

This marked the beginning of a close relationship between Ms. Wu and Ms. Warren, who became Massachusetts’ progressive standard-bearers. Asked this summer why she favored Ms. Wu over other progressives, Ms. Warren simply replied, “Michelles are family.”

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