Medicine in hot water: Instead of swallowing medicine with cold water, drinking in hot water gives quick benefit – Research – what is the right way to take medication read what research says

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Medicine in hot water: Instead of swallowing medicine with cold water, drinking in hot water gives quick benefit – Research – what is the right way to take medication read what research says

Often you swallow the medicine with water to avoid the bitterness of the medicine. Even after this, there is not much benefit. It is better that you change the way you take the medicine. If you take any tablet by dissolving it in hot water, it will be very quick if you get a cold or fever. Recently a research has claimed that by adopting this method, the medicine can show its effect very quickly.
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Taking the medicine with warm water is more effective-

Everyone feels the disease and especially in such a situation no one wants to take medicine. This is the reason that when we have a disease, we want the medicine to show its effect as soon as possible so that we can return to our routine. According to research published in the journal Pharmaceutical Research, it is good to take cold and fever medicine with hot water to make it more effective. This can help your body absorb the medicine faster. This will make you feel better in less time.

You get plenty of rest after one hour of taking the dose.

Whether it is pain or fever or cold, any medicine shows the effect within four to five hours. But if the medicine is dissolved in hot water, its effect is seen very quickly. To prove the same, the team of researchers conducted a study. In this, he tried to understand how paracetamol is absorbed differently. After the study, it was found that if the tablet is taken by mixing it with warm water instead of swallowing, then it is very quick in the body. One hour after doing this, the person will feel very good.

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Medication in the form of water is more beneficial –

Researchers in the study asked 25 healthy participants to take the drug first in the form of tablets and then in the form of water. Using both scintigraphic imaging and blood tests, he concluded that the body absorbed the 1000 mg dose taken by the participants better when taken with warm water. While the effect of the drug on swallowing was extremely low.

Why is it better to take medicine in hot water?

According to experts, hot water allows the stomach to be rapidly emptied. Because of which food, especially sugar, moves from the stomach to the small intestine very quickly. This reduces the time between taking the drug and beginning the effect. Simply put, warm water helps to carry the medicine faster in the small intestine.

It makes its way into the blood stream very quickly, which makes you feel better very quickly. The team of researchers said that paracetamol can dissolve in hot water much better than in cold water. The temperature of the water helps in rapidly breaking down the drug and getting into the blood stream in a short time.

How to take medicine-

Instead of swallowing the medicine with water, dissolving it in warm water is beneficial. For good results, dissolve paracetamol in a glass of warm water. But yes, taking the drug along with milk, caffeine or fruit juice can have side effects. Even swallowing the medicine without water is not free from danger. This can lead to many health problems such as heart burn, chest pain.

It is also necessary to take the right amount of water along with the right temperature for taking the medicine. For this you can consult your specialist how much water you should take for your medicine.

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