Medical Success Story: Successful treatment of 17-year-old suffering from varicose veins at Wockhardt Hospital

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Medical Success Story: Successful treatment of 17-year-old suffering from varicose veins at Wockhardt Hospital

Mumbai : Critical & lsquo; varicose veins & rsquo; A 17-year-old man suffering from foot ailments has been successfully treated at Wockhardt Hospital in Miraroad. The chief senior counselor at the hospital, Varicose Veins specialist Dr. A team of other doctors under the chairmanship of Himanshu Shah has successfully treated the patient through laser surgery. The patient was released home the next day immediately after the surgery. Now the young man is in good health and is back to his daily routine.
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Varsheel Shah (17), who lives in Santa Cruz, is in college. This young man was having trouble sitting or standing in one place for a long time. He could not even study online. He also had to depend on others to do his own daily chores. But, after treatment at Wockhardt Hospital, he is now back on track. He is now free from leg pain, fatigue and excruciating pain.

Chief Senior Consultant at Wockhardt Hospital in Miraroad, Varicose Veins Specialist Dr. Himanshu Shah said, & ldquo; A & lsquo; Doppler scan & rsquo; This medical examination was performed. The young man was diagnosed with varicose veins in both legs. It is mainly a disease of the feet. The main symptoms of this disease are swelling of the feet, pain in the feet, pain in the lower extremities, fatigue, and blue juice. Heredity may be the reason behind this problem in children. Over the past few years, I have successfully treated nearly 100 young people between the ages of 18 and 25. & rsquo; & rsquo;

Dr. Himanshu Shah further said, & ldquo; In the case of this patient, there were several extra veins on the side of the leg vein. So the blood flow was not smooth. Laser surgery was performed because of bleeding from the veins. The surgery usually lasted an hour and a half. The patient was then moved to the general ward and immediately discharged home the next day. & Rsquo; & rsquo;

Regular exercise is needed to prevent the problem of & lsquo; varicose veins & rsquo ;. Exercising for daily walking helps in proper blood flow in the veins of the legs. Also avoid weight control, standing or sitting in one place for long periods of time. High heel slippers should not be used regularly and proper diet should be taken to keep away from varicose veins. & Nbsp;

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