mayawati news in hindi: mayawati ne booklet

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mayawati news in hindi: mayawati ne booklet

Before the UP assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, there is a competition among political parties to count their work. While there was a tussle between the BJP and the Samajwadi Party at the time of the inauguration of the Purvanchal Expressway, now taking a step forward, Mayawati has released a complete booklet counting the works of her government. In a press conference, Mayawati claimed that innumerable works were done for all-round development of UP under the BSP government. He alleged that the Samajwadi Party and Bharatiya Janata Party governments had changed the face of the work done by him.

During the press conference on Tuesday, Mayawati also accused the media of ignoring the BSP. Mayawati said that we felt that the media was not showing our works, for this we had to prepare this folder. He said that Uttar Pradesh has been ruled by BSP four times and has done innumerable historical and important works for the welfare and development of the state and its people. Mayawati said, ‘In order to remind the people of the state about our works, a folder has been prepared to reach the people. If BSP forms the government again in the coming elections, it will continue to work for Sarvjan Hitay-Sarvajan Sukhay.

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What is in this booklet of Mayawati?
In this 8-page booklet, Mayawati has mentioned the works done during the tenure of her government. The booklet mentions the establishment of the rule of law during Mayawati’s government, the arrest of her own MP from the CM residence, keeping UP riot-free, providing farmers the right price for their produce and opening many educational institutions across the state.

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Credit taken for implementing Kashi Ram Awas Yojana, Samadhan Diwas
BSP supremo Mayawati has mentioned in the booklet to start schemes like Kashi Ram Awas Yojana and Kashiram Urban Dalit Basti Vikas. At the same time, he has claimed that arrangements like ‘Tehsil Diwas’ and ‘Thana Diwas’ started in the state during the tenure of his government.

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‘Lucknow’s Hazratganj has been made like Connaught Place’
Hazratganj Market of Lucknow is famous all over the country for its beauty and cleanliness. Mayawati has claimed in the booklet to free the Hazratganj area from open power lines and develop it on the lines of Connaught Place in Delhi.

Credit was also taken of Kushinagar and Jewar airport
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to lay the foundation stone of Noida International Airport being built in Jewar, Greater Noida on November 25. This airport will be ready by 2024. Mayawati has claimed in her booklet that during our government, approval was sought from the Center for ‘Taj International Airport’, but the then Congress government did not give permission. Apart from this, he has also taken the credit of starting the development work of Kushinagar Airport.

Claim to start work of Lucknow Metro and Ganga Expressway
Although the construction work of Lucknow Metro started on 24 September 2014, but Mayawati has also described this as an achievement of her government. He has claimed in the booklet that the Lucknow Metro project was started during his government’s tenure (2007-2012). He has claimed to have started the work of Ganga Expressway project from Noida to Ballia. However, the actual situation is that this 594 km long Ganga Expressway is currently only on files and recently it has got environment clearance.

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