Maratha reservation Important hearing in Supreme Court today

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Maratha reservation Important hearing in Supreme Court today

New Delhi: For the last 4 days In the Supreme Court on Maratha reservation The hearing is ongoing. Maratha Petitioners and advocate Pradip Sancheti, who opposed the reservation, argued that 40 per cent of MPs and MLAs in Maharashtra come from this community. Then they are left behind and say that they have historically endured injustice is completely wrong.

The petitioner, who has filed a petition against the Maratha reservation, told the apex court on Wednesday that the community was socially and politically influential. Pradip Sancheti has been awarded M.G. Gaikwad strongly attacked the report of the committee. According to the report, Marathas are socially and educationally backward due to under-representation in state government jobs. He also termed the report of Gaikwad Committee as a document prepared for convenience.

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During the Supreme Court hearing, Sancheti said about 40 per cent of the MPs and MLAs in the state belong to the same community, the Maratha community. Referring to the report submitted to the Mumbai High Court in 2000, Sancheti said that Marathas are socially and politically influential. Responding to this argument, Maratha reservation petitioner Vinod Patil has said that for some families to be progressive does not mean that society is advanced.

Meanwhile, the bench directed Attorney General K.S. K. Venugopal was asked to know the role of the Center. He also asked for instructions. Therefore, the answer to the effect of this argument on the petition will be known only after the court’s verdict.

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