Many Prisoners Escaped From A Jail In Nigeria After Explosive Attack

Many Prisoners Escaped From A Jail In Nigeria After Explosive Attack

In the middle of the night, attackers attacked and opened fire on a prison in the north-central Kogi province of Nigeria. Two security officers were killed in the incident while 240 prisoners escaped. A minister gave this information on Monday. Interior Minister Ogbeni Rauf Eregbesola said two other security officials were missing in the attack in Kogi province.

some prisoners returned of their own free will
He said that a task force has been formed to nab the prisoners again. Officials said that there were 294 inmates in the jail, but some of them did not try to escape and some prisoners returned voluntarily on Monday morning. Jamfara State Governor Belle Matavalle, on the other hand, said on Monday that some 70 students kidnapped from school in northern Nigeria were freed after being held hostage for two weeks.

Children were kidnapped by attacking the school
He said that the students of Government Day Secondary School were rescued with the help of some gunmen who felt remorseful. All the freed students have reached their families on Sunday. It is noteworthy that on September 1, armed men attacked the school and kidnapped the students. The government has been forced to close all primary and secondary schools in Jafmara state following the latest incident of school attacks and student kidnappings in northern Nigeria.

Gunmen regretted and left children
Police said 73 students were abducted from the school, out of which five were freed the very next day. He said the authorities were successful in freeing these students as some of the kidnappers repented of their actions and helped.

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