Mannu Bhandari Death: remembering mannu bhandari from her writing style

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Mannu Bhandari Death: remembering mannu bhandari from her writing style

Author: Prof. Chandrakala Tripathi
There is hardly anyone who has not been influenced by Mannu Bhandari, the author of a big novel like ‘Aapka Bunty’. I have also taught this novel. I remember how often we used to be on the tip of sharp fluid questions, and there was a feeling of restlessness. It was the story of an estranged couple. The details of the married couple were also in his play ‘Bina Deewar Ka Ghar’.

When I met him, I was greeted by his kind and simple smile, which gave me no idea what to tell. I also had a closeness with her that I played the role of wife in her play ‘Bina Deewar Ka Ghar’. The depth and depth of this writer’s experiences and composition, who composed the odd-even melody of the life story of middle-class families, was very wide and deep and her specialty was depth. Mannu Bhandari was different from the realistic composition point of view of writer husband Rajendra Yadav. Mannu was the deep inner line of this couple. She was never loud. There were no drums of modernity in his literature, but he wrote a unique story like ‘Hung’ on the deep contradictions of Indian society. Then by writing a novel like ‘Mahabhoj’, he got the iron of his real sense and history conscience.

His autobiographical book ‘Ek Kahani Yeh Bhi’ was widely read. This book had exposed the toughest of their married life. Obviously, there were a variety of reactions as well. In it, Mannu ji wrote that he was ‘a shock to the nerves’. Vishnu Kant Shastri and Prof. Nirmala Jain used to tell about Mannu ji with great affection and respect. Mannu ji has also mentioned Nirmala ji.

Manu Bhandari (Photo: BCCL)

His father was a conscious freedom-loving personality. The independence movement had a deep impact on his family and Mannu also had a participation in it. It was such a scenario that logic could also be fed with emotionality. In his autobiography, Mannu also describes his father’s displeasure with his high-profile political activism. He has written that these were the days when instead of blood in the veins, lava flowed. This was the time and scenario when the spread of those who fought for freedom was widespread. This effect was extremely contagious. How many people of that era have felt this way. In the role of a karma yogi, he put his hand in creating the society and the world. In spite of living with the tortures that cracked the nerves, he manifested the nectar that was there. Breaking away from the claim of extreme intelligence, he also entered the world’s most complex. A soft sensitive creative mind had stunned everyone by unleashing the brutal game of power from within.

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She was such a multifaceted talent that she knew the difference between the languages ​​of the genres. She knew the language of theater and cinema. He wrote the script of the very popular ‘Rajni’ serial. Who can forget the irony deep in the very simple script of his story titled ‘Yeh Sach Hai’? The question of women’s freedom was not absent for Mannu Bhandari. The female characters of his stories are remembered. She has been avoiding filling anything extra inside them. She sees him within complex social structures. An innate value-attachment was his nature and he carried it out not only in his literature but also in life. She has been creating her characters in such a deep introduction and feeling, as if they meet us alive and leave a deep impact on us.

She was constantly composing. She was not one to put in a lot of noise in preparing to write. Life went down in his language with his inner strength and he also wrote a lot. All that is written, his fame is his body, his immortality. We are lucky that we have seen them, read them.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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