Man Tries To Feed Camel In Safari Park Huge Animal Enters In Car Creates Hilarious Moment

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Man Tries To Feed Camel In Safari Park Huge Animal Enters In Car Creates Hilarious Moment

A traveler tried to feed a camel while driving in a safari park. After which the camel came very close to him, due to which his senses were blown away. Seeing this funny scene, his friend who was driving started laughing out loud. AJ N’Debdahambo trembled with fear when a hungry camel stuck its head in an open car window during a visit to the Safari Park in Alexandria, Louisiana.

As the camel pokes its head into the open window of the car, AJ panics and drops the cup of food. After a while the camel comes back in search of more food, leaving AJ in sweats. To avoid the camel, he tilts the car seat backwards. Sitting in the driving seat is AJ’s friend Callie who is laughing loudly at the sight of her friend driving the car. Meanwhile, AJ continues to shout ‘Cali-Cali’.
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I told you don’t bring me here
Callie from Los Angeles starts driving to save her friend but the camel starts running alongside the car. AJ runs to the back seats of the car where the windows are closed. Callie laughs, ‘They’re following us!’ In the Safari Park, the camel keeps running behind the cart for a long distance. AJ says to his friend, ‘Slow down, Callie, she’s crazy. I told you not to bring me here.’

People have fun – sunroof should be opened
After escaping from the camel, AJ said, ‘Don’t kill any of these animals.’ However, he looks scared on his face. AJ posted the video on Tiktok, on which people had a lot of fun. One user wrote that Callie should have stopped the car and opened the sunroof. At the same time, a user wrote, ‘I want to go to Safari with this.’

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