Man Once Slept On Bench In Public Parks Is Now Owner Of Hundred Flats In US And Romania

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Man Once Slept On Bench In Public Parks Is Now Owner Of Hundred Flats In US And Romania

Hard work can turn bad luck too. The man who once slept on park benches is now a millionaire. 37-year-old Nick Mokuta came to America from Romania at the age of 21 with $ 500 (Rs 37000) in his pocket. Nick, who arrived in Los Angeles, did not have a home to live in, so he had to be strong enough to sleep under the open sky on the benches in the park. He did not know English well and could hardly fill his stomach during the days of struggle.

He is now a US citizen and has bought one for his family in the US. Talking to Mirror, Nick told that I had taken the first cab for $100, after which I had only $400 left. I can never forget those days. He told me I didn’t have a home to live in Los Angeles. Often they could hardly get food. For a long time he had to lead a low budget life. Gradually he got small jobs like valet i.e. car parking.
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Quit job and become e-commerce dealer
Within a few months, his English improved and he earned his real estate broker’s license. In 2013 Nick decided to sell imported electronics on eBay. Within six months he was earning $3,000-$4,000 per month. He quit his job as a broker and switched to e-commerce full time. Nick belongs to a very simple family. His father was an accountant and mother was a teacher.
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Today the owner of 100 houses sleeping on the bench
He came to America after graduation with the desire to do something big in life. Nick believed that the online world was the future of tomorrow and he had to be a part of it. Now Nick has online stores on many sites like Amazon and Walmart. He owns about 100 flats and four luxury cars in the US and Romania. He has also bought houses for his father and brother. Nick says that he will always be grateful to his grandmother who gave him a gift worth $500.

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