Malaika Arora Transformation After Covid 19: Malaika Arora shares two things that helped her fight covid and how she lost weight- Malaika Arora broke due to corona, shared photos of the transformation

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Malaika Arora Transformation After Covid 19: Malaika Arora shares two things that helped her fight covid and how she lost weight- Malaika Arora broke due to corona, shared photos of the transformation

However, now Malaika has returned to her old incarnation and she has also done weight loss (Malaika Arora weight loss). It has been 32 weeks since Malaika, who came to Kovid positive on September 5, recovered from Corona and now she is back to her old style once again. Her revenge incarnation (Malaika Arora transformation) is shocking.

Avatar in turn shocked

Malaika Arora has shared a collage of her photos on her Instagram account, showing how she gained weight when she was unable to workout after being infected with Corona. However, due to hard work, now Malaika has regained her strength and old incarnation.

Fans of Malaika Arora’s slim avatar are praising her close ones. Some say that this journey may have been easy for the actress, but when Malaika remembers those days of pain and struggle, she gets scared. Malaika Arora has shared her entire struggle with a collage of photos on her Instagram and explained what the condition was like when she worked out on the first day after recovering from Kovid.

‘It’s not easy for me at all’

Malaika has written in a long and wide post, ‘You are very lucky’, ‘It must have been very easy for you’, such things I hear every day. Yes, I am very grateful for some things in my life, but luck has played a very small role in that. And all this easy? No, not at all. My covid test came positive on 5th September and it was a very bad experience. Whoever is saying that he recovered easily from Corona then understand either he has tremendous immunity or he knows nothing about Corona’s struggle. I’ve been through this myself and so the word ‘easy’ is not right for me. ‘

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‘I couldn’t walk even 2 steps, I was afraid that …’


Malaika further wrote, ‘It broke me physically. Even walking 2 steps seemed very heavy and difficult. Getting up and sitting down, getting out of bed, wanting to stand at your window, it was all a journey in itself. I had gained weight. I was weak, stamina was over. Was away from the family and did not know how many such problems. Finally on September 26 my covid test came negative and I am thankful for it. But the weakness was still there. I felt so bad that my body was not supporting the way my mind was feeling. I was afraid I would never find my strength again. I was wondering if I would be able to complete an activity in 24 hours?

Condition worsens in first workout after covid

When Malaika started working out to lose weight, her condition worsened on the first day. He wrote in the post, ‘My first workout was very difficult. I couldn’t do anything. Was broken. But the next day I woke up again and told myself I would make my own. And then the third day came, then the fourth and everything happened. 32 weeks have passed since the covid negative came and now finally I have started to feel myself. Now I can workout the same way I used to do before Kovid was positive. I am able to breathe properly and I feel very strong physically, mentally. ‘

Beat Kovid through these 2 things


In this post, Malaika thanked all the fans who were constantly sending her messages and wishing her a speedy recovery. Malaika wrote, ‘The 4 letters that boosted my courage and encouraged me are HOPE i.e. hope. Hopefully all will be well, while nothing seemed right to myself. Thank you so much for all of you who were sending me messages and inspiring things. But I pray that this world also recovers quickly from Corona and that we all come out of it together. I came out of this corona phase with two words and they are- Grit and Gratitude. Thank you my brother and partner @sarvesh_shashi. Now the next 30 weeks phase will start in June.

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Malaika slept for 18 hours in Kovid


Let it be known that Malaika shared her struggle on social media after recovering from Corona last year. Then she told that she slept 18 hours a day and just woke up to eat. Quite strong medications were going on and the doctors had advised him to rest.

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