Majha Maharashtra Digital Maharashtra 2021 Prakash Javadekar speech | My Maharashtra, Digital Maharashtra

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Majha Maharashtra Digital Maharashtra 2021 Prakash Javadekar speech | My Maharashtra, Digital Maharashtra

Mumbai: Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar, actor Shreyas Talpade, Ranjit Disley Sir were present on ABP Mazha’s ‘My Maharashtra, Digital Maharashtra’ program. Talking about the current state of digital media, Prakash Javadekar said that digital media has benefited the central government a lot. This was most evident during the Corona period. Meetings of the Union Cabinet or several important meetings were held online. It has been possible to digitally inaugurate many important projects. More importantly, digital media has also helped prevent corruption.

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi used to say that if the central government sent Rs 100, it would be very low until it reached the bottom. However, due to the use of digital media, the money for schemes for farmers and the public has started reaching the people directly, so corruption has also been reduced, said Javadekar. Because of digital media, job seekers don’t go to the bank and withdraw money. All transactions are possible online. So all the calculations have been done accurately.

When I was the chairman of the IT Task Force in the state, I took some important steps. Earlier, raw receipts were being received for registration of land transactions. After that, after a few years, I would get a receipt. But with the help of CEDAC, we developed a digital operating system. So, in a few days, we started getting receipts for land transactions. This brought transparency in the work, said Prakash Javadekar.

Digital media has also benefited a lot in education. Everyone experienced this during the Corona period. Since school is closed, many school classes start online. Some exams were also conducted online. When I was the Minister of Education, many teachers in the state started digital education. Created many apps by myself. So the central government created the initiation platform. As a result, a lot of information became available on one’s platform, said Prakash Javadekar.

The OTT rules imposed by the Central Government have made it possible to resolve grievances as soon as possible. The rule that TV has will now be on OTT platforms. This is not a hesitation of freedom, this has been done to maintain the health of the society, said Prakash Javadekar. Newspapers didn’t have the space to write articles a few years ago, now many have found a platform. People have got a platform to express their talents and sayings. But countries should not be harmed by digital media

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