Maharashtra’s ‘Khelo Hobe’ launched in Delhi, no entertainment tax for it: Sanjay Raut

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Maharashtra’s ‘Khelo Hobe’ launched in Delhi, no entertainment tax for it: Sanjay Raut

New Delhi: & nbsp; Devendra Fadnavis came and went with his mistress. Maharashtra should have influence over Delhi. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has said that Maharashtra’s ‘Khelo Ho Bay’ has started in Delhi and there is no entertainment tax for it. “We look at the issue as a joke without taking it seriously,” he said. He said that Delhi has a habit of carrying soaked firecrackers and blowing them up frequently. They don’t ring. If any officer has an offensive conversation, the Maharashtra Home Department is capable of inquiring into it. The report of the phone tapping does not even mention Kadi. The state government is able to investigate it. & nbsp;

If Raj Bhavan has become a political base, then why shouldn’t he be called a BJP worker? Asking this, Sanjay Raut said that the Governor should maintain the dignity of his office. Why haven’t they decided on 12 MLAs yet? Under the pressure of BJP, the governor is not announcing the names of 12 MLAs. Some BJP workers are in the administration and some in the Rajya Sabha. If the governor wants a good image, he should act in accordance with the constitution. No one should abuse the constitutional position. BJP leaders should meet the Chief Minister instead of the Governor. The government is run by the Chief Minister. If the Leader of the Opposition discusses with the Chief Minister, the issues will be resolved. He also said that the Chief Minister will speak when the time is right. & Nbsp;

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