Loreto: Minsa vaccinated 606 Shawi indigenous people against COVID-19 in a single day | News

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Loreto: Minsa vaccinated 606 Shawi indigenous people against COVID-19 in a single day | News

20:21 | Iquitos, set. 27.

A new record for the strategy ‘Let’s meet you, get vaccinated now!’ It was registered last Thursday in the Shawi community, in the Loreto region, where 606 indigenous people were inoculated against covid-19.

For the fulfillment of the day, the brigades of the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) Loreto They sailed through the rivers of the Jungle in small children, climbed mountains and traveled inhospitable roads with the objective of inoculating the population over 18 years of age of the Shawi ethnic group, located in the district of Balsapuerto, province of Alto Amazonas.

There, in the middle of a sports field, A total of 584 people received their first dose of the Sinopharm laboratory vaccine, while another 22 completed their vaccination process with the application of their second dose., the same that ensures greater protection against the eventual arrival of the third pandemic wave.

“We are 23,000 people from 378 communities and I believe that only with the vaccine we will have a greater defense to avoid the disease. For this reason, I invite the different indigenous ethnic groups to receive it. I thank the Ministry of Health for its hard work in the most remote areas, ”said Wilson Tello Cahuasa, territorial president of the Shawi ethnic group.

For his part, the executive director of Indigenous or Native Peoples of the Minsa, Julio Mendigure, guaranteed that the Health sector will continue to reach all areas of Peru.

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“The Minsa has the strategy of reaching its own community with vaccines and we are doing it with doctors, nurses, technicians, biologists, dentists; with the entire health team that works to take care of the life of the Amazonian population ”, he highlighted.

In parallel, Vaccination brigades were also deployed in the towns of Jeberos, Lagunas and Shucushyacu, where they summoned people from the age of 18 in ventilated public spaces such as schools and stadiums.

Likewise, the nurses toured the different malocas (communal house of the Amazon), in order to close the gaps of the non-inoculated.

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Published: 9/27/2021

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