London Is Still Paying Rent To Queen Since On A Lost Property Leased In 12th Centaury :

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London Is Still Paying Rent To Queen Since On A Lost Property Leased In 12th Centaury :

Last October, London paid the Queen the outstanding ‘rent’ at a ceremony held at the Royal Court of Justice. This ceremony was the same as it has been going on for eight centuries. The city handed over a knife, an ax, six horseshoes and 61 nails to Barbara Janet Fontaine as rent. She is the Queen of Remembrance, the oldest judicial office in Britain. This post was created in the 12th century whose job is to collect rent owed to the Queen.

In this case, Remembrance has recovered the remaining rent on the two pieces of property for a very long time. In this, one case is of 1235 and the other is of 1211. The outstanding rent on properties is collected on behalf of the Queen in this rent collection ceremony every year. No one knows where these two lands are now, but for hundreds of years the city has been paying the tax on them. However, there has been no change in the rate of rent and the same things are being offered for hundreds of years. The soul of the old owner wandering in the hotel looking for his wife! Experts also heard ‘mysterious voice’
London paying rent for no reason
‘The Ceremony of Quiet Rents’ was not well publicized and never talked about much. News services also covered it only once or twice in a year. It is held every year usually in October. Every year the city and the Crown participate in this process, but they have no specific reason for this, except that they have been doing it for many centuries.

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Property lost many years ago
Antique rent paid for a piece of land that may have been in the county of Shropshire, not far from London. It is known as ‘The Moors’ and its exact location was long ago lost. However, UPI reported in 1980 that the then Mayor of London, Peter Gadsden, selected a piece of land in the area and declared it a ‘Moors’. A knife-like tool used in agriculture is given to the Crown as rent.

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