Life outside earth: Life on Exoplanets like Hyceans

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Life outside earth: Life on Exoplanets like Hyceans

The search for life in the universe is usually done on sites that are similar to Earth, but a recent study suggests that life can be found in some different worlds as well. In this study, researchers have mentioned the new class Hycean planets of the alien world. They are 2.5 times larger than Earth and may have oceans of liquid water beneath their hydrogen-rich atmosphere. Hycean planets may be in large numbers in our galaxy. Most interestingly, they are also expected to contain microorganisms that are found in extremely cold or extremely hot environments on Earth.

Hyceans are quite diverse
Lead author Nikku Madhusudan of the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy says that the Hycean planets have expanded the field of search for life. The density of Hycean planets lies between that of Super Earth and the smaller Neptune. Hyceans are quite diverse. Some are very close to their stars and here it is always day in one part and always night in the other, while some are so far away that very little radiation reaches them.

life expectancy
Researchers say that there is a possibility of life here too. Oxygen and methane can be found on hyceans which are considered biosignatures. The researchers wrote that the larger the size and the higher the temperature, the more Hycean planets produce gases that can be detected, whereas it is difficult for rocky planets.

Hope from NASA’s Telescope

Madhusudan, study co-author Anjali Payet and their team have identified several such locations. It is expected that they can be discovered with the help of the American Space Agency NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. These planets are orbiting red dwarf stars which are located 35 to 150 light-years away from Earth.

Photo: Amanda Smith, Nikku Madhusudhan

Photo: Amanda Smith, Nikku Madhusudhan

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