Life on Mars: Is there a life on Mars, What living things can survive on Mars

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Life on Mars: Is there a life on Mars, What living things can survive on Mars


  • Gilbert V. Levine was the first to claim life on Mars
  • Levine was the supervisor of NASA’s Viking space mission
  • High resolution pictures and data of Mars claimed life

Scientists have been excited about life on Mars from the beginning. Strong evidence of life on Mars has also been found in many space missions. But, when a NASA scientist made this claim for the first time, he was accused of defaming science. Not only this, his career had a lot of ups and downs regarding his belief of life on Mars.

Levine was the supervisor of the Viking space program
NASA scientist Gilbert V. Levin was the first to claim life on Mars. Levine was the supervisor of NASA’s Viking Space Probe Program 45 years ago. Under his supervision, an unmanned space mission was launched from Mars to the surface. The purpose of this program was to detect any gas or microorganisms on the surface of Mars.

The claim was made by looking at the data of the Viking mission
The Viking landers conducted experiments at four different locations, using a testing method called labeled release (LR). The spacecraft also took the first high-resolution images of the Martian surface. Writing at the time, Levine stated that on July 30, 1976, the label release test sent its initial results from Mars. It was surprisingly positive.

Other scientists did not believe in this theory
Many scientists at that time did not believe in Gilbert V. Levine’s theory of life on Mars. Levine did another experiment on the surface of Mars using the Viking Molecular Annulosis Experiment method. In this they found no evidence of organic matter. The second discovery concluded that we have a lot of evidence of life on the surface of Mars.

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His claim of life on Mars had ruined his career.
In 2019, he wrote that in the last 43 years, no NASA Mars lander has shared such exciting results since Viking. They haven’t even put life-detecting equipment on Mars. Levine had to face many ups and downs in his career because of his belief that there was life on Mars. He had said that when I told the National Academy of Sciences that we had discovered life on Mars, there was a lot of uproar.

was accused of defaming science
In one of his programs, one of his colleagues had angrily alleged that you have defamed yourself, and you are defaming science. But Levine did not hold back, which he considered himself right. After observing the barren, dry and heavily irradiated surface of Mars, he concluded that there is evidence of life here, which we need to find more.

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