Latest Hindi News: ‘Decreasing discussion on law in Parliament-Legislatures is worrying’ Om Birla said in presiding officers’ conference

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Latest Hindi News: ‘Decreasing discussion on law in Parliament-Legislatures is worrying’ Om Birla said in presiding officers’ conference

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday expressed deep concern over the continuous deadlock in the country’s Parliament and Legislatures and the decreasing number of their meetings. He said that the dwindling number of Legislatures and the time taken for extensive discussion on them during law making is a matter of deep concern. This concern was expressed by the Lok Sabha Speaker in his address at the inauguration of the 82nd Presiding Officers’ Conference held in Shimla. In fact, during the last few sessions, the opposition has been continuously expressing its objection and opposition to the passage of the bill in the Parliament.

While talking to the media, he said that bills are not discussed in many places. Speaking in the conference, the Speaker said that some concrete and decisive steps will have to be taken to maintain the dignity of the legislatures in view of the stalemate and uproar in the House. He said that there is a need to discuss this with all the political parties. On this occasion, he also appealed to the presiding officers of all the states present there to review the rules and procedures of the legislatures to meet the public expectations and protect the rights of the people.

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He also stressed upon the preparation of a model document to maintain uniformity in the rules and procedures in all the legislatures. He said that in the 75th year of independence, we all should prepare such a model that when the country completes hundred years of independence, there should be uniformity in the rules and procedures in all the legislatures of the country, so that the law makers meet the expectations of the people of the country. To work according to the aspirations.

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The Deputy Chairman emphasized on the time limit of the laws
On this occasion, where the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh raised the issue of fulfillment of the assurances given by the government in the House, he also pointed out the time limit of laws on the basis of need. Harivansh said that there is a great need to review the old laws from time to time. Referring to the initiative taken by PM Modi to repeal about 1500 non-essential laws, he said that there is a great need for such initiatives in the states also.

Referring to states like UP and Karnataka, he said that other states should also take this step. It is noteworthy that while UP has repealed about 500, Karnataka has repealed 1300 old laws. Along with this, he emphasized on the implementation of sunset clause (fixed time limit of laws) in the matter of laws. Harivansh said that some laws were 200 years old in their place, which were not needed, they were repealed. Sunset clause needs to be inserted to avoid this situation. He said that this is the practice in many countries.

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In his address, the Deputy Chairman while talking about the assurances given by the governments in the House of Legislatures expressed concern over their non-fulfilment. Harivansh said that the assurances given by various governments from Parliament to the Legislative Assemblies are pending for years. Many assurances remained blank, as neither provision was made for them in the budget nor a concrete plan was made. In some cases, it has been hanging for ten years to thirty years. He said that the government, individuals all change, yet they are discussed in committees. On which time, resources are all justified. In such a situation, after reviewing the assurances made in the House, appropriate steps should be taken on them.

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Speaking at the conference, Himachal Pradesh Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri raised the issue of presiding officers participating in the activities of political parties and said that many times incidents of presiding officers attending political parties meeting or participating in election campaigns come to the fore. Huh. These issues should also be discussed in the conference. At the same time, he alleged that information and information are hidden in the legislatures. Many a times, information is found in RTI first, it is placed in the Legislature later.

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