Las Lomas de Mangomarca: Multicolored Ecosystem in San Juan de Lurigancho | News

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Las Lomas de Mangomarca: Multicolored Ecosystem in San Juan de Lurigancho | News

Green is life and life is multicolored in the fragile ecosystem Loma Costera de Mangomarca, an oasis of vegetation and clean air that makes its way through the asphalt and chaotic city life, in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho.

There are 500 hectares that turn green and come to life in the Lima winter, configuring an environment of unusual attractiveness, which in addition to its scenic beauty is the habitat of various species of wild fauna and flora, some of them considered heritage of the nation and that are in serious danger of extinction.

The Mangomarca hills, as well as all the fragile ecosystems of this type in the country, contribute to the preservation of these species and are also key allies in the fight against climate change, deforestation and contribute to the preservation of water resources, among other benefits. Not only that.

They are also important in the development of activities that support the economy of the population, such as sustainable ecotourism.

Despite this importance, the Mangomarca hills are seriously threatened, especially by human action. Land trafficking, invasions and illegal subdivision for the construction of houses have affected this ecosystem in recent years, they have reduced its extension, in addition to seriously damaging its fragile balance. Therefore, it is essential to take action in order to preserve this part of our valuable forest heritage.

Let’s preserve natural spaces

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) and the National Forest and Wildlife Service (Serfor) are developing today in the Mangomarca hills a campaign that seeks to make the population aware of the need to preserve this space and put it in value through a collective effort between the State and civil society that translates into sustainable management.

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In this activity – developed within the framework of the National Forest Week and that it will have the participation of central and local government authorities, officials, congressmen and the general public – trees will be planted, confiscated forest resources will be transferred and milestones and computer panels will be placed, in order to improve security, among other actions.

The Mangomarca hills, as well as all the similar spaces included in the Sectoral List of Fragile Ecosystems, must be preserved and, therefore, efforts of this type by our authorities are commendable. Now it is necessary for all Peruvians to assume the responsibility of caring for the hills and being vigilant.

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Posted on: 11/8/2021

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