lalu yadav story: know lalu yadav story when he emerges as hero of his party

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lalu yadav story: know lalu yadav story when he emerges as hero of his party

Patna: Whenever people felt that Lalu’s magic would not work in Bihar, then Lalu played such bets which reversed the lost bet. It is not only when Lalu has entered the field and RJD is expected to win a bumper. Let us tell you that when Lalu has pushed every piece towards victory with his bid and his move.

When the Janata Dal broke for power (Chakra imprinted)

In the year 1997, Lalu was the national president of Janata Dal. RS Bommai’s name came in the hawala scandal and he resigned as the National President of Janata Dal. Then Lalu had said that ‘Hawala handed over the Janata Dal to me’. But in the meantime, the then Governor AR Kidwai gave permission to file a charge sheet against Lalu in June 1997 regarding the fodder scam. Here the comrades of Janata Dal had also left Lalu’s hand. In the very next month i.e. July 1997, the election for the post of National President of Janata Dal was to be held, in which Lalu’s withdrawal was believed to be fixed.

RJD formed with 22 MPs


Now Lalu made his move and played the biggest bet. On 5 July 1997, he announced to form his own national party separate from the Janata Dal. At that time I heard Lalu himself speaking in an interview that RJD is the real Janata Dal. Look at Lalu’s move that 16 out of 22 Janata Dal MPs joined RJD. Not only this, a total of 6 Rajya Sabha MPs also switched sides and held Lalu’s lantern. And in this way Lalu turned the losing bet in his favor.

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Made wife CM and took power even after being in jail

25 July 1997… Lalu was going to jail in the fodder scam… Then it seemed that the story is over. But again Lalu played the bet that no one expected. Wife Rabri Devi was declared the first woman Chief Minister of the state. This was the bet of Lalu in front of the opponents which made everyone swoon. Those who say that Rabri was the chief minister just to say, the command center was the jail from where Lalu ran power.

Nitish also forgot the enmity, bet on friendship

Breaking NDA, Nitish Kumar joined hands with Lalu and joined the grand alliance. But seeing the atmosphere he had realized that the road to power with Lalu was difficult. Lalu’s party RJD was also facing exile from power for 10 years. There was also the stamp of Jungle Raj on his forehead. It seemed that the pair had formed but would not win. On the other hand, BJP was dreaming of riding on the victory chariot of victory with the help of PM Narendra Modi. At the same time, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat gave a statement. Bhagwat had said in his interview that a committee should be formed in the interest of the country, which should review the reservation and tell in which areas and for how long reservations need to be given. Soon after Bhagwat’s interview, published in the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya, the RSS officially clarified this. At that time, the BJP did not even know how heavy this statement could affect the NDA in the elections.

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In the 2015 assembly elections, Lalu overturned with a statement


Here Lalu was looking for some issue to get power to his son and desperate to get himself in the role of King Maker again. Lalu, an expert player of politics, took this opportunity hand-in-hand. Meanwhile, Lalu Yadav reached Raghopur Vidhan Sabha of Vaishali district. From here his son Tejashwi Yadav was the candidate of the Grand Alliance, Lalu Yadav had reached Terasiya Panchayat of Raghopur under the pay number 53 of Gandhi Setu to campaign for him. This was Lalu’s first election campaign in the 2015 assembly elections. Lalu, who was watching the crowd of 50 thousand people, knew very well that these people would do his work. Lalu started the speech with the talk of Ganesh Vandana but in a short time he made his agenda clear. Referring to Bhagwat’s statement, Lalu directly said that ‘this is a battle of backwards versus forwards’. At the same time, Lalu redeemed Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on reservation and made the entire election a battle of forward and backward. After this, this issue was put at the forefront of the Grand Alliance. The results of the 2015 assembly elections are enough to tell what the outcome was.

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