krishi kanoon latest news: krishi kanoon waps punjab coalition captain amrinder singh punjab news : Will the return of farming law open the way for new political alliances in UP, Punjab?

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krishi kanoon latest news: krishi kanoon waps punjab coalition captain amrinder singh punjab news : Will the return of farming law open the way for new political alliances in UP, Punjab?


  • Discussion of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) coming with BJP started in UP
  • BJP seems to be preparing to go to the polls with Captain Amarinder Singh
  • Question on how much will the Akali Dal benefit if it stays with BSP

New Delhi
The possibilities of new political alliances are being seen in UP and Punjab as its ‘side effects’ after the Prime Minister announced the withdrawal of agricultural laws on Friday. In fact, these are the two states in which agricultural laws were being talked about the most and to avoid political losses in the assembly elections, the Modi government is also being told the compulsion of withdrawing agricultural laws.

A lot of things start behind the scenes
There are many political parties in both the states of UP and Punjab, which were trying to save themselves from the displeasure shown towards the BJP due to agricultural laws. But now when the BJP government has withdrawn those laws, then their religious crisis may also end in them coming with the BJP. Although the process of talks has not started formally on this issue, but politics is a game of possibilities and many things have started behind the scenes.

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Will RLD BJP come together?
The most likely discussion that has started after the withdrawal of the Agricultural Act is that of the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) joining the BJP. The RLD is still with the Samajwadi Party but the seat-sharing issue is stuck. Meanwhile, the Congress also expressed its desire for an alliance with the RLD, but the matter did not move forward even there. The RLD was once considered very dominant in West UP, but after the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013, the political landscape of West UP changed. The Jat community, which used to be the strength of RLD, shifted to BJP. As a result, Chowdhary Ajit Singh and Chowdhary Jayant Singh lost the 2014 and 2019 elections and the RLD won only one seat in the 2017 assembly elections. After this the BJP no longer needed the RLD as it became its own monopoly in West UP.

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Situation not like before for BJP
West UP is not looking like before in the 2022 elections for the BJP after the anger over agricultural laws and farmer leader Rakesh Tikait opened a front against the BJP. It needs extra support in West UP which can be got from RLD. Although the Jat leaders of the BJP from West UP are opposing the alliance with Chaudhary Jayant Singh because they are afraid of reducing their importance, but the non-Jat leaders of BJP are advocating an alliance with RLD. Huh.

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RLD has relationship with all three parties
RLD has contested elections in alliance with SP, Congress and BJP in the past but its best performance (of five MPs and 12 MLAs) has been with BJP. Chaudhary Ajit Singh has also been a minister in the NDA government. For the 2014 elections, BJP wanted its merger with RLD instead of alliance, due to which things could not work out and both the parties parted ways. A senior BJP leader from UP told NBT that our party has no hesitation in taking Jayant’s side. It is up to Jayant Chaudhary what decision he takes. This leader said- ‘Chaudhary Jayant must have got so much political experience that he has more advantage in contesting elections with BJP than SP and Congress.’

Will the ‘sour’ in Punjab also go away?
In Punjab, Akali Dal and BJP have been friends for 25 years. This coalition formed the government there three times. In political language, this alliance was called ‘Winning Combination’, but as there was resentment against the BJP in Punjab over agricultural laws, the Akali Dal ended the alliance with BJP while assessing the loss in the 2022 elections. . The Akali Dal is currently in an alliance with the BSP to garner the necessary votes for victory in the absence of the BJP. On the other hand, BJP is preparing to go to the polls with Captain Amarinder Singh, but it knows that the Congress can be harmed with Captain Amarinder Singh, but the same thing cannot be done as it used to do if it was with the Akali Dal.

How much benefit of BSP alliance to Akali Dal?
On the other hand, how much the Akali Dal will benefit if it stays with the BSP is a question of the future, but staying with the BJP was getting Hindu votes and it was a ‘tested formula’. That is, for the Congress in Punjab, Akali Dal and BJP can be called each other’s compulsion. The displeasure of the Akali Dal with the BJP over agricultural laws, the agricultural law issue itself ended. The Prime Minister also announced the formation of a committee on the issue of MSP. In this way, the argument has now come for the Akali Dal to say that the laws about which we were angry with the BJP, those laws were abolished through our pressure.

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Options open for alliance formation, deterioration
The question being that what will happen to the alliance that Akali Dal has with BSP, then the answer is that till the notification of the election comes, the options are open to form an alliance or break it. In UP, Omprakash Rajbhar had formed a front with Owaisi, in which Owaisi had also announced to contest on hundred seats, but Omprakash Rajbhar has now allied with the Samajwadi Party. Owaisi is now looking for an alliance with other parties.

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