Kiara Advani’s fearless statement, no Godfather brings success, now it’s all up to you

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Kiara Advani’s fearless statement, no Godfather brings success, now it’s all up to you

Is called the self made actress of the industry. Belonging to a non-film background, Kiara’s first film ‘Fagli’ failed at the box office, but due to her hard work, dedication and talent, she wrote a new success. After the diverse roles of women in films like ‘Good News’, ‘Guilty’, ‘Lust Stories’, ‘Indu Ki Jawani’ and ‘Sher Shah’, in the time to come she will play ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, a film with Vicky Kaushal, She will be seen in ‘Jug Jug Jio’ and ‘RC-15’. In this special meeting, she talks about Diwali, career, success, struggle and family.

What are you doing special on this Diwali?
Diwali is a family occasion for me. I try to spend time with my family. On Diwali maybe I’m shooting Jugjug Jio, so maybe stay on set. I will try to take time out of the shooting set and come home for Diwali worship for a few hours. Spend time with family. By the way, even on the set of the film, there is a family-like atmosphere, so Diwali is also celebrated there. Maybe my Diwali is on the set of Dhamal Jug Jug Jio.

When you look back today, how do you feel about your film journey?First of all, I am thankful that I not only got a chance in Bollywood but also got the opportunity to play so many different roles. My acting journey went through many ups and downs. Many failures and rejections I corrected, but I consider them the lessons of my journey. Those bitter experiences made me strong, able to take my own path and stick to my choices. I admit that not all the decisions I made proved to be right, but it did prove to be a learning process for me. The stage of my career that I am at today is very interesting, because I am brilliant as an actress, well groomed and my search is still going on.

Is it true that you also worked as a teacher before entering the field of acting?You can’t call it a complete teaching job, but yes, before working in my first film, I must have been a teacher of small children for 6-8 months. Actually in those days I was trying in the field of acting and taking other workshops besides acting classes, so I had a little bit of time. My mother used to run a small school. In the same school I have taught young children for a few months. I had a lot of fun teaching the kids. I wanted to help my mum during that time, which I did, but then soon I got my first film and I started acting.

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What kind of girl were you in your teens?I think the woods when mummy allows us that right now you can apply mascara and do make-up. Because I used to secretly apply mummy’s make-up, girls have a big hobby of make-up. I was in 9th grade when they cleared me. She was very strict with me. I used to go to the party and say that you have to come back for so long. She still calls me and asks, where are you and how long will you come home?

How was the journey from Fagli to Sher Shah?Extremely rewarding. My role in Fagli was interesting and after that Kabir Singh or Good News or Sher Shah got different roles and that too with big actors, so this journey was very interesting. I have learned something from every one of my films not only personally but also professionally. I have matured not only as an actress but also as a person.

Your career started on a small scale with ‘Fagli’, but later on you have proved to be lucky in terms of heroes. Be it Varun, Shahid, Diljit or Akshay or Siddharth Malhotra, how was it with them?To be honest, I consider myself very happy that I am getting such opportunities, the opportunity to work with such people. There is a lot to learn. Like I got to learn a lot from Shahid in ‘Kabir Singh’. Acting is the work of partnership. You are not alone in the scene, you are the co-actor, you are the hero. In such a case, if the performance of any one goes up-down or back-and-forth, then the fun of the whole scene is gone. It becomes very important for everyone to be on the same level. The hero-heroine handles both scenes together. Had a lot of fun with Shahid. When Akshay and Diljit were together on the set of ‘Good News’, there was so much laughter that we would laugh and cry at the end. Siddharth Malhotra proved to be a very good fellow artist in Sher Shah. I learned a lot from my fellow actors, whether it is comedy or timing, from here I will take it all further.

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Did you make your mark in the industry without a godfather?No Godfather can guarantee you success. You have to make your own way. I consider God as my Godfather. I am deeply and seriously convinced that whatever you are is due to your talent and skill. You can make your place here on the strength of your talent. You have to keep working hard. Is

Today you have made your mark in the industry, but have you ever faced rejection?Rejection and rejection is part of life. Every artist has to face rejection at some point in his career. I was rejected many times after ‘Fagli’. I believe that every human being should have a right attitude towards things. If someone is rejecting you for a movie, it does not mean that your career is over. We should move forward with a positive attitude towards rejection. It should not be taken too privately. This does not mean that your life is over. This is a journey in which there will be good days, then there will be bad days. The rejection that was happening to me was just a round, when I was not getting movies and the rolls were getting to someone else. The kind of rolls I wanted to do weren’t even getting that kind. I used to meet the producers, even though the previous film ‘Fagli’ was not good, the cast was not happening. People often see box office success. Can’t find work after flop movie. I still auditioned. Meanwhile, when Dhoni’s biopic was found and things changed and today I am here.

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