kashmiri terrorists freedom fighters: Pakistan dossier on Kashmir, Claims India is training ISIS

kashmiri terrorists freedom fighters: Pakistan dossier on Kashmir, Claims India is training ISIS

Pakistan has now started a new propaganda on Kashmir after facing the face of every forum in the world. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday released a 131-page fake dossier making fabricated allegations against India. He claimed that the dossier would expose India’s alleged atrocities in Kashmir. Qureshi even claimed that India was training Islamic State terrorists. Not only this, he also compared the terrorists operating in Kashmir with the freedom fighters.

‘Knowledge’ giving champion of human rights violations
The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, a champion of human rights violations, along with Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari and National Security Advisor Moeed Yousuf made this propaganda dossier public. Qureshi claimed that the dossier prepared by Pakistan underlined India’s alleged aggression and barbarism in Kashmir.

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What is included in the dossier of Pakistan?
Qureshi also said that the dossier has three chapters, 113 references, 26 international media review reports and 41 reports from Indian media and think tanks. This includes 32 references from international human rights organizations and 14 references from Pakistan, he said. Qureshi even claimed that the dossier details India’s war crimes. However, he kept silence on the atrocities of the Pakistani army in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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Qureshi told Kashmir an open jail
The Pakistani Foreign Minister even termed Kashmir as an open jail. He claimed that India has deployed 900,000 soldiers in Kashmir. Spreading lies about the last rites of separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani, Qureshi claimed that his family members were not allowed to attend the last rites. He also gave a statement that his body was forcibly snatched and buried.

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Terrorists of Kashmir are called freedom fighters
Qureshi claimed that independent observers are not allowed inside Kashmir and that the realities of Kashmir are distorted. Qureshi crossed the limit and termed the terrorists operating in Kashmir as Kashmiri freedom fighters. Not only this, their deaths in encounters with the police and the army were also claimed to be fake.

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Accused India of training ISIS
Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi even accused India of being involved in terrorist activities. He claimed that India is training in five ISIS camps, which is a matter of concern. However, Qureshi could not present any concrete evidence regarding his fabricated allegations. Imran Khan, the Pakistani Prime Minister and army stooger, has also accused India of being involved in terrorist incidents.

shah mehmood qureshi

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi

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