Kanpur Crime: Up me Mahila se rape: UP woman raped

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Kanpur Crime: Up me Mahila se rape: UP woman raped

Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
A shocking case has come to light in Kanpur. A woman has accused of tantrums and gang-rape. The victim alleges that the accused gang-raped the son with a knife on his neck. The woman complained of gangrape to the police station and the outpost, but she was not heard anywhere. When the police did not listen to the complaint of the victim, she took refuge in the court. An FIR of gangrape has been registered on the orders of the court.

A youth living in Chakeri police station area works as an electrician. Lives in family with wife and 13 year old son. The victim’s husband was away for most of the time in connection with work. The woman had been ill for the past two years. The victim told that a woman living in the neighborhood had told that near the circuit house, a woman named Indira performs tantrums. Indira removes the obstacles in the family by doing tantra. The victim used to go to Indira for a mantra.

Gang rape with a knife on the neck of the child
The victim told that I started going to Indira for a mantra. There I met Indira’s son-in-law Gopal Bhardwaj and Ravi Sonkar. Indira used to ask me to do all kinds of sorcery. On May 16, 2021, Gopal Bhardwaj and Ravi Sonkar came to my house late at night. Started telling the method of tantra, and in the meantime started doing obscene acts with me. At that time my husband was not at home.

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Gopal Bharadwaj said that Indira has sent amulets for you. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the opportunity, Ravi Sonkar put a knife on my son’s neck, and Gopal forcibly raped her. After this Gopal Bhardwaj put a knife on the son’s neck and Ravi Sonkar raped her.

Case registered on court order
When I protested, they started threatening to kill my son. I reported the incident to my husband, and then went to the police station and the outpost. For several days I kept on making rounds of the police station, but I was not heard. The accused started threatening to implicate the husband in a false case. Put pressure on the family. When the victim was not heard anywhere, she took refuge in the court. On the orders of the court, the police have registered an FIR against the accused. According to the police station in-charge Madhur Mishra, the incident of FIR registered is being investigated.

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