Kanhaiya Kumar in Congress: Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani in Team Rahul Gandhi: Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani in Rahul Gandhi’s team

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Kanhaiya Kumar in Congress: Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani in Team Rahul Gandhi: Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani in Rahul Gandhi’s team


  • Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani may join Congress today
  • Congress membership will be given to both the leaders in the presence of Rahul Gandhi
  • Both leaders have been prominent youth faces against the politics of BJP and RSS.

New Delhi
Former president of Jawaharlal Nehru University student union and CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar and independent Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani will join the Congress today. According to the information, both will be given membership of the party in the presence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Along with Kanhaiya and Jignesh, some of his other colleagues may also join the Congress. Both of them can be entrusted with the responsibility of connecting the youth across the country with the Congress.

Will Kanhaiya and Jignesh be beneficial for Congress?
Before Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani joined the party, many senior Congress leaders have left the party. Even at present, there are many such leaders in the Congress party who are angry, it is going to be interesting to see how beneficial it is for Kanhaiya and Jignesh to join the party. However, it is believed that the priority of Kanhaiya and Jignesh will be to connect the youth with the Congress and present Rahul Gandhi as an alternative to Modi.

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Team Rahul weakened due to these leaders leaving their ‘hands’
Sushmita Dev, who was the chief of All India Mahila Congress, recently left her hand and joined TMC. TMC has also sent him to Rajya Sabha. Prior to that, Jitin Prasad, who was considered to be the prominent Brahmin face in UP, had also left the Congress and adopted the BJP. Now he has been made a cabinet minister in the Yogi government of UP. Jyotiraditya Scindia, son of Madhav Rao Scindia, who was very close to Rahul Gandhi and veteran Congress leader, has already joined BJP. Not only this, when he came to BJP, the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh fell and BJP formed the government again. Today Jyotiraditya Scindia is a minister in the Modi cabinet. Leaving with these young leaders has weakened Rahul’s team in Congress.

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Rahul Gandhi: Bring them in, take them out… Has Rahul Gandhi started making his new team?
Will Kanhaiya and Jignesh be able to fill the gap of these faces?
All the faces that we talked about leaving the Congress above are youth and they also have a good hold among the youth in their areas. The biggest challenge before Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani will be to fill the shortage of these people after joining the Congress. Although how much these people can fill that gap, time will tell, but their joining Congress will definitely send a message that youth is being given importance in Congress.

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Will Rahul Gandhi be able to strengthen the new team?
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is busy making his new team these days. It is being told that Rahul Gandhi is very much influenced by Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani who fought against the ideology of BJP and RSS. Kanhaiya Kumar has also been very vocal against PM Modi. In such a situation, Rahul’s strategists feel that with Kanhaiya and Jignesh, Rahul will get strength in the politics of anti-Modi. At the same time, through these leaders, an attempt will be made to send a message among the youth that at the national level, Rahul Gandhi is the only alternative to Modi, whose foot is youthful thinking and youthful enthusiasm.

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Why did Rahul Gandhi need to form a new team?
When Rahul Gandhi stepped forward to take over the leadership of the Congress, the youth brigade representing different states within the party was named Team Rahul. Rahul had very friendly relations with most of the faces in this young brigade. Because of this, this team became very effective within a party. On different occasions, Rahul also gave them a chance to move forward. But suddenly most of the faces of his team chose their different paths. Jyotiraditya Scindia left Congress and went to BJP and became a minister at the Centre. Jitin Prasad also saw his future in BJP and left Congress. Sushmita Dev also left Congress and joined TMC. Sachin Pilot was almost gone but luck did not support him and he could not cross the boundary. In such a situation it became necessary that a new team of young people should be formed to support Rahul Gandhi.


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