kanhaiya kumar from left to congress: kanhaiya kumar famous jnu speech metaphor of red and blue bowls but now he left red bowl to join congress

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kanhaiya kumar from left to congress: kanhaiya kumar famous jnu speech metaphor of red and blue bowls but now he left red bowl to join congress


  • Former JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar left CPI and joined Congress
  • He became a well-known name across the country with his impassioned speech at JNU on 3 March 2016
  • In his famous speech, Kanhaiya talked about the unity of the Left and the Ambedkarite movement through the metaphors of the red and blue bowl.
  • After 5 and a half years, Kanhaiya is leaving his ‘red’ bowl and joining Congress.

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About 5 and a half years ago today, on March 3, 2016, a new star emerged on the political horizon of the country. A splendid orator full of youthful spirit whose rousing speeches were echoed with deafening slogans of ‘Azadi-Azadi’, the applause turned into a fiasco. The young man told the story of the blue and red bowls in the prison. Told with the help of metaphors that ‘blue’ and ‘red’ bowl have come together i.e. something good has to happen in the country. But today that star has thrown the red bowl itself. We are talking about Kanhaiya Kumar, in whom so much potential was seen then that some people saw the savior of the Left in him. But now the same Kanhaiya is joining the Congress by throwing the red bowl, taking off the cloak of ideology.

The incident of anti-national sloganeering on the JNU campus on 9 February 2016 made Kanhaiya Kumar, the then JNU Students’ Union President, a well-known name and well-known face across the country. This was largely due to his impassioned speech, challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly in the JNU campus after his jail term and after coming out on bail. He was released from jail on the night of 3 March 2016 after getting bail from the High Court. From there he went straight to the JNU campus where hundreds of students were waiting for him. Kanhaiya started giving speeches at around 10.30 pm. It was shown live on all TV news channels. In a speech of about 50 minutes, Kanhaiya launched a fierce attack against the BJP and the RSS. Directly targeted PM Modi.

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Kanhaiya Kumar New Party: Why Kanhaiya Kumar left the eyes of the Left? read the inside
It was clear from Kanhaiya’s speech that he is ready to enter national politics from student politics. He advocated the unity of the Bahujan movement and the Left with the help of metaphors. Kanhaiya said, ‘I found two bowls in jail. One was blue in color and the other was red. Seeing that bowl, I was thinking again and again that I have no faith in luck. Don’t even know God…But something good is going to happen in this country that there is a red and blue bowl together in one plate…and that plate looked like India to me. That blue bowl seemed to me to be Ambedkar’s movement and that red bowl seemed to me to be a left movement. If it is united then…we will form the government which can ensure justice for all.’

Kanhaiya Kumar and Jignesh Mevani will be able to fill the gap of Sushmita Dev, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasad in Congress? doing ‘home change’ today
Leaders like Arvind Kejriwal did not take long to read ballads in the glory of Kanhaiya’s speech. He also became the apple of the eye of the left wing intellectuals. He began to be projected as a young leader who has been able to directly deal with Narendra Modi, who gives new enthusiasm to the people with his speeches. In them, the face of a leader who would prove to be a savior for the miserable left was also seen.

Which leader of Bihar made Kanhaiya Kumar’s entry in Congress, who was the ‘God Father’ of the young leader in CPI?
Kanhaiya had then emerged as the center of anti-Modi politics. He started being taken hand-in-hand in TV channels. The CPI engaged him on a campaign to enthuse the party cadres across the country. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the party fielded him from his home district Begusarai. The contest was with Union Minister Giriraj Singh, who won from Nawada seat last time. Bhumihar voters have been playing a decisive role in the Begusarai Lok Sabha seat. Kanhaiya also belongs to this community. The CPI hoped that thanks to Kanhaiya, it would hoist the red flag this time in Begusarai. But when the results came, Kanhaiya lost the election not by 1-2 lakh but by more than 4 lakh margin and the victory was tied on Giriraj Singh’s head. As a consolation prize for Kanhaiya, it was a matter of second that he finished second. However, the star’s brightness was definitely dimmed by the results. Neither did he have the pre-election status in the CPI, nor did he have the same discussion at the national level as before.

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Bihar Politics: Kanhaiya Kumar also took out AC from CPI office in Patna, is going to catch ‘hand’ of Congress?
Kanhaiya Kumar, who once advocated the unity of Ambedkar and the Left Movement, has thrown the ‘Lal Bowl’ today. He may have failed miserably in the first election at his home, but the Congress sees a ray of hope in him. The Congress, which is facing an existential crisis in Bihar, is seeing its future there in Kanhaiya. Seeing him joining the Congress is certainly disappointing to those left who saw in him the image of a ‘messiah’ capable of transforming the Left.

Kanhaiya joins Congress: Does Kanhaiya Kumar remember that red bowl of jail, which he threw aside today?

Kanhaiya joins Congress: Does Kanhaiya Kumar remember that red bowl of jail, which he threw aside today?

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