kamalnath big blow to bjp: madhya pradesh former cm kamalnath big blow to bjp, says threat to reservation from bjp leaders

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kamalnath big blow to bjp: madhya pradesh former cm kamalnath big blow to bjp, says threat to reservation from bjp leaders


  • Kamal Nath’s big attack on BJP on the occasion of Constitution Day
  • He said that the Constitution is in danger today.
  • Kamal Nath said that BJP leaders also threaten reservation
  • Kamal Nath was addressing Congress workers on Constitution Day

On the occasion of Constitution Day, former CM Kamal Nath has made a scathing attack on BJP. Kamal Nath said that BJP leaders want to end the right of reservation given in the Constitution. BJP leaders often give a statement to end reservation and later withdraw that statement under public pressure. But this statement emanates from the soul of BJP leaders.

Kamal Nath said that he can take back the statement given in words, but what is in his soul cannot be taken back. He said that Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar did the most important work in the making of the Constitution of India. Kamal Nath said that the constitution which Baba Saheb has made for India is not only for India, it is a source of inspiration for the whole world. He said that the constitution of many African countries is inspired by the constitution of India.

The former CM said that when the country became independent, Dalit settlements were built in the village away from the village. It is only because of the efforts of the Congress party and the constitution made by Baba Saheb that today people belonging to the scheduled classes are getting equal rights in the society.

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Kamal Nath met Sonia Gandhi, round of meetings starting in Bhopal from today
He said that there are different religions, cultures and regions in India, the biggest challenge was to bring them all under one constitution. Kamal Nath said that today’s youth is connected to WhatsApp and the Internet. He gets a lot of information through these mediums. But he cannot get the knowledge of the culture and traditions of India through these mediums, he can only get that knowledge from his family and elders. BJP people are trying to mislead the youth by spreading false information to them.

Farmers were once called terrorists, traitors and brokers… Kamal Nath on the return of agricultural law
Kamal Nath said that a campaign is being run to include a large number of scheduled caste citizens in the membership drive of the Congress party. He said that not only should the membership forms be filled in the membership drive, but the party workers should also sit with the concerned persons and tell them about the Constitution of India and the work done for the scheduled castes and tribes of the Congress party.

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