Journalists from Gizmodo and related websites are on strike.

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Journalists from Gizmodo and related websites are on strike.

Journalists from G/O media publications including Gizmodo and Jezebel went on strike Tuesday and protested in front of the company’s New York offices after contract negotiations failed.

GMG Union, which represents about 100 activists from Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, Lifehacker and The Root, said on Twitter that it is asking people not to read the content or contribute to the publications.

The workers have been on strike in the open since the contract ended on Monday night. The two sides were unable to come to an agreement on various issues, including wage increases and health care benefits.

The GMG union, which is affiliated with the Writers Guild of America, East, said in a statement that after a deal with G/O Media from late January, all activists voted in favor of the strike. The union is asking the company to maintain its limits on health care costs, add trans-inclusive health coverage, and guarantee minimum wage increases.

Lisa Marie Segara, a member of the GMG union bargaining committee and editor at Kotaku, said the striking workers have now been kicked out of the company’s Slack messaging platform and their email accounts.

“The whole reason we’re going on strike is because many of us are underpaid, and a strike doesn’t really help with that, but we’re fighting to get the things we want. deserves,” Ms Segarra said.

G/O Media was founded in 2019 by Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm that bought a group of websites that used to be part of the Gawker Media universe. In an email to employees Tuesday that was provided by a spokesman for G/O Media, the chief executive, Jim Spanfeller, said management had “negotiated in good faith by the deadline of last night.”

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“To be clear, the terms we offered GMG Union were not only equivalent, but in some cases, better than the terms agreed by Onion Union (GMG’s sister union here G/O) just a year ago,” Mr. Spanefeller said.

A G/O Media spokesperson said the company’s compensation was “extremely favorable compared to other digital publishers.” He said the company had offered health care coverage that was on par with non-workers.

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