Jitin Prasada News: UP Politics Congress Senior Leader Jitin Prasada May Join BJP

Jitin Prasada News: UP Politics Congress Senior Leader Jitin Prasada May Join BJP


  • Jitin Prasada, who was a union minister in the Congress government, joined the BJP.
  • There was a tussle between Jitin and the Congress leadership since the past.
  • There was talk of him joining BJP in 2019 too, but it did not happen then.
  • The leaders who wrote the letter questioning the Congress leadership, were also included in it.

Big leader of Uttar Pradesh Congress Jitin Prasad has joined BJP. There was talk of him leaving Congress and joining BJP in 2019 itself. It is even claimed that Jitin Prasad had left for Delhi to join the BJP, but UP Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi called him and convinced him and Prasad returned by the way. Now it is being said that this time Jitin Prasad had switched off his phone for two days.

BJP’s election campaign begins

However, the BJP’s campaign to weaken the Congress before the state assembly elections has started with the introduction of Jitin Prasada into the BJP. BJP’s strength from Jitin Prasada can be gauged from the fact that he is considered a big leader of Brahmins and Brahmins have a large share of 10% of voters in UP.

Attacking Congress, Jitin said – not me, my work will speak

Jitin Prasad, after taking membership of the party at the BJP headquarters, said that he has taken the decision of leaving the Congress and joining the BJP very carefully. He said that if there is any political party in the name of the nation, then it is the only BJP. Jitin said that the party I was in, I started feeling that we have started doing politics. Politics is the medium, party is also the medium, but when we cannot protect the interests of the people then what is the importance of such politics. “I don’t want to speak much, my work will speak. I will work as a BJP worker for ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas’ and ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’,” he said.

Jitin Prasada will have a bigger role in UP: Goyal

Before that, Union Minister Piyush Goyal got him the membership of the party at the BJP headquarters. He described Jitin Prasad as a big leader of Uttar Pradesh and said that Prasad is going to play a big role in the politics of UP. Goyal also mentioned the work done by Jitin Prasad in the interest of the people of Uttar Pradesh and said that his arrival has strengthened the hand of BJP in UP.

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Anil Baluni’s tweet had started a period of speculation
The possibility of a big setback for the Congress party was started today with a tweet by BJP leader Anil Baluni. He had said that today a veteran personality will join the party at 1 pm. With this tweet of his, the market of speculation got heated. Within a few hours the clouds of possibilities dissipated and the name of Jitin Prasada’s name came to the fore. Prasad reached the residence of Union Minister Piyush Goyal in Delhi and after a brief stay there went straight to the house of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Jitin Prasada joined the lotus at the BJP headquarters as per the schedule. Union Minister Piyush Goyal got him the membership of BJP.

Jitin among those who questioned the Congress leadership

Former Union minister Jitin Prasada was among 23 leaders who wrote letters to change the leadership of the Congress and make it more alive. In UP, some leaders had also protested about this. He attacked the Congress party even after taking membership of BJP. He said that the politics of Congress has not been for the welfare of the people.

jitin prasad with priyanka

Jitin Prasada and Jyotiraditya Scindia with Priyanka Gandhi (File photo)

Congress had also distanced itself from Brahm Chetna Samvad
However, Jitin Prasad has been raising his voice in favor of Brahmin society for a long time. However, he was not getting support from the state leadership. This was the reason that when Jitin announced the Brahm Chetna Samvad program, the party shied away from it. Many leaders even said that it is their own personal issue, the party has nothing to do with it.

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