jitin prasada news: bjp ne jitin prasad ko kyon diya cabinet mantri ka pad

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jitin prasada news: bjp ne jitin prasad ko kyon diya cabinet mantri ka pad


  • Jitin Prasad, who came from Congress to BJP, became cabinet minister in Yogi government
  • With Jitin joining BJP, there was speculation about making him a minister.
  • The big question is, how much will BJP benefit from Jitin Prasada becoming a Brahmin face.
  • Opposition parties have started mobilization by calling BJP ‘anti-Brahmin’

The much-awaited cabinet expansion of the Yogi government has finally happened after several months of speculation. As was being speculated every time, it happened and Jitin Prasad, who left Congress and joined BJP, got the post of cabinet minister. These speculations were also being made because before the 2022 assembly elections, the party needed to put forward a bright Brahmin face. Under the same strategy, Jitin was brought from Congress to BJP in June this year.

As soon as Jitin joined the BJP, there was speculation that he would be made a minister in the government. Last month, Jitin had come to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Prasad’s family. Even then there were speculations that he might be made an MLC and then a minister in the government. After all, these speculations proved to be true and Jitin Prasad has got the post of minister. The big question is whether Jitin will be able to fulfill the need of BJP under which he has been given a big post? After all, what is the reason that he seems to be trying to keep the Brahmins happy? After all, why only Jitin Prasada was given cabinet rank among the ministers who took oath on Sunday?

BJP accused of ‘atrocities’ on Brahmins
In fact, the opposition parties have started wooing the voters of this section by accusing the Brahmins of ‘atrocities’ in the Yogi government. BSP and Samajwadi parties have increased the tension of BJP by holding enlightened class conferences in different districts. At such a time, giving the post of cabinet minister to Jitin Prasada is being seen as an answer to the BJP. However, before the expansion of the cabinet, in the cabinet of 53 ministers, 9 ministers (17 per cent) come from the Brahmin community. Among them the names of Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma and Law Minister Brijesh Pathak are prominent.

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Jitin Prasada News: Wearing father’s ‘shoes’ Jitin Prasada lost 3 consecutive elections, what charisma will be able to show in BJP?
BJP trying to change ‘anti-Brahmin’ image ahead of elections
In the last few months, the way the opposition parties started mobilization by calling BJP ‘anti-Brahmin’, BJP first gave Kheri MP Ajay Mishra Teni a heavy post like Minister of State for Home at the Center and now Jitin Prasada as Yogi A cabinet minister has been made in the government. Jitin Prasad was very active for the welfare of Brahmins by staying in the Congress. He connected Brahmin youth with him by forming an organization called Brahmin Chetna Parishad. He had also raised the issue of formation of Brahmin Welfare Board in UP.

Why was there a need to woo Brahmins?
Till the 2017 elections, Brahmin voters were nothing more than a vote bank. The number of Brahmin voters in UP is about 10 percent. Narayan Dutt Tiwari became the last Brahmin Chief Minister in the state 30 years ago. Since the formation of the BJP government in 2017, opposition parties have alleged that Brahmins are being persecuted under the rule of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who comes from the Rajput community. The opposition is trying its best to make the election somehow Rajput versus Brahmin, and from Mayawati to Samajwadi Party-Congress have started trying hard to add Brahmin votes to their side.

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Brahmin love awakened in the parties of backwards and dalits
BSP supremo Mayawati has been identified as a leader of Dalits, while Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party is considered a party of Yadav-Muslims. But these two big leaders have shifted the focus on Brahmins last month. The BSP has tried to correct its political equation by starting a Brahmin convention from Ayodhya. Mayawati has given the responsibility of cultivating Brahmins to party general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra and former minister Nakul Dubey. Seeing the activism of BSP, the Samajwadi Party also changed its strategy and decided to hold a Brahmin conference. The Samajwadi Party has constituted even a five-member committee, making the oppression of Brahmins a political weapon.

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Is the mere arrival of Jitin enough to reduce the displeasure of the Brahmins?
Now that the BJP has played a big bet by making Jitin Prasad a cabinet minister, the question arises whether giving Jitin a big post in the Yogi government will be enough to please the Brahmins? This question arises because if you look at the election journey of Jitin Prasad, he has lost 3 consecutive elections from his traditional seats. In the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he was defeated from the Dhaurahra seat, and in the 2017 assembly elections too, he was defeated after trying his luck. Jitin’s opponents have also been accusing him of not getting any votes in his name just because he belongs to the Brahmin caste.

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Will the bet of making Jitin the ‘Brahmin face’ backfire?
To please the Brahmin section of the BJP, Ajay Mishra Teni was made a Union Minister and Jitin Prasada as a Cabinet Minister in the state, his displeasure should not be taken for granted! In fact, allegations of neglecting senior party leader, former BJP state president and four-time MLA Laxmikant Bajpai continued to be blamed on the BJP. Political analysts say that it was not right to make Laxmikant Bajpai of clean image even MLC during the four-and-a-half years of the government and today Jitin Prasada, who came from another party, became a Brahmin leader older than him. After Jitin became a minister, suddenly Laxmikant Bajpai’s name also came into the limelight. If this narrative is true that BJP has neglected Brahmins for so long and remembers Brahmins 4 months before elections, then instead of gains, the party may suffer.

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