jharkhand petrol price today: jharkhand in jungle me chupa hai petrolium padarthon ka vikalp

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jharkhand petrol price today: jharkhand in jungle me chupa hai petrolium padarthon ka vikalp

Ravi Sinha, Ranchi
India’s dependence on other countries for petroleum products and the continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, the discussion on alternative fuel is going on. Research work is going on for its discovery. Meanwhile, the Institute of Forest Productivity, a Ranchi-based unit of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, is also constantly engaged in new research and research on the instructions of the Central Government.

Dr. Nitin Kulkarni, director and scientist of the Forest Productivity Institute, believes that the alternative of petroleum products is hidden in the forest itself. In a special conversation with NavbharatTimes Online, Dr. Kulkarni said that scientists working in the field of environment and environment are constantly trying to find out how to promote bio products. So that pollution can be reduced.

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The central government is also making continuous efforts in this direction and research and research work is going on in the forest for the discovery of alternative fuels. Due to the limited amount of petroleum products in the world, now all the countries are trying to find alternative fuel sources. In such a situation, there are many such trees and plants in our country, which can be used as an alternative to petrol and diesel.

Among them, the availability of other trees including Jatropha and Karanj are available in India. In Jharkhand also, Karanj trees are found in large numbers, research is being done by the institute in this direction, how to improve their quality and extract maximum oil from it. Apart from this, other such trees and plants are also being identified, so that bio-products can be produced.


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