Japanese Ghost Ship News: Japan Ghost Ships Sunk During World War 2 Resurface At Iwo Jima After Volcanic Eruption

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Japanese Ghost Ship News: Japan Ghost Ships Sunk During World War 2 Resurface At Iwo Jima After Volcanic Eruption


  • 24 ‘ghostly ships’ dating back to World War II have been spotted at sea in Japan
  • All of them were drowned in the sea during one of the famous battles of World War I
  • These ships have sailed off the west coast of Japan’s Iwo Jima island.

24 World War II-era ‘ghost ships’ have been seen in the Pacific Ocean after a volcanic eruption near Japan’s capital Tokyo. All these ships were sunk during one of the most talked about battles of the Second World War. According to Japanese media, these ships have reached the west coast of Iwo Jima Island. It is being told that after the explosion in the underwater volcano Fukutoku-Okanoba, these ships came above the water and reached the shore.

Iwo Jima Island is located about 1200 km from the capital Tokyo. According to Japanese experts, these ships were sunk by the US Army during the fighting in Iwo Jima in 1945. This battle was one of the bloodiest battles during the Second World War. This war lasted for 36 days and about 70 thousand American soldiers took part in it. During this, 20,000 Japanese soldiers were hiding in bunkers built under the volcanic rocks of the island.
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Underwater eruption at Fukutoku-Okanoba Volcano
In this fierce battle, only 216 soldiers of Japan could be captured alive. The rest of the soldiers were killed in American action. The American forces took possession of the Japanese ships present here and deliberately sunk them. The Fukutoku-Okanoba volcano has been erupting underwater since August last month. Because of this, the ships present there at the bottom of the sea are coming up and they are drifting to the shores of the island.

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Not only this, due to the volcanic eruption, small moon-sized islands have also been formed in the sea. These islands are made up of pumice stone and volcanic ash and are believed to be eroded in the future due to ocean erosion. Iwo Jima is part of the Bonin Islands, a group of 30 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Earthquakes often occur in this island group and volcanic eruptions also happen.

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