isro technologies may beat even star trek fictions: isro working on 46 futuristic technologies that can beat even star trek imaginations

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isro technologies may beat even star trek fictions: isro working on 46 futuristic technologies that can beat even star trek imaginations


  • Indian Space Research Organization is working on technologies that will change the face of space science
  • ISRO is working on 46 such futuristic technologies that can beat even the imaginations of Star Trek
  • After launch, the rocket will fix any of its disturbances, after the completion of the mission, the rocket will eat itself.

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Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is a name that makes the impossible possible. Which can emit more than 100 satellites simultaneously. Which can carry out the Chandrayaan mission in less than the budget of a Hollywood movie based on space. Now ISRO is working on technologies that will leave behind even the imagination of Hollywood’s science-fiction films. Which could shape the fictional technologies of Star Trek into reality and in many ways even surpass them. For example, the technology of self-devouring rockets. Let us know about the future technologies on which ISRO is working.

ISRO is working on such futuristic technologies that so far have been seen or can be seen only in Hollywood science-fiction films. Just imagine, a rocket that consumes itself with the success of the mission, a satellite that disappears on its own…. ISRO is working on such tremendous technologies. Not one or two, but 46 such furistic technologies are being worked on. ISRO Chief K. “We are working on various techniques like making the rocket eat itself so that the garbage doesn’t fall into the sea,” Sivan said.

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Chandrayaan-2 and NASA’s LRO were very close to collide, ISRO saved it like this
ISRO chairman K. Sivan told our affiliate newspaper Times of India on Tuesday, ‘All our rockets have a metal case (body made of metal) which either falls into the sea after launch or remains in space after the final stage. , as garbage. We are working on a technology in which rockets will eat themselves completely, so that neither waste will fall in the ocean nor will there be debris in space. We are looking for a specific material to make the body of the rocket which can dismantle itself along with the motor.

Similarly, a technique is also being worked on in which the satellite disappears on its own. destroy itself completely. That is, when a spacecraft reaches its age, the process of destruction starts by simply pressing a ‘kill button’. It should be completely destroyed in its orbit itself, it should be destroyed.

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It was the technique of self-destruction or destruction of satellite or spacecraft after the end of the life cycle. On the contrary, ISRO is working on a technique in which the rocket itself can correct the errors in itself. Sivan said, “When rockets take off, sometimes there are some glitches in them. With self-healing materials, they can correct their disturbances on their own.

Apart from these amazing technologies, ISRO is working on make-in-space concepts, quantum communication and advanced radars. Actually, ISRO’s focus on such technologies is to prepare India for the future.

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