isi chief faiz hameed shot by wife: was caught with girlfriend ‘butcher of panjshir’

isi chief faiz hameed shot by wife: was caught with girlfriend ‘butcher of panjshir’

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ISI Chief Faiz Hameed Shot By Wife: Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI Chief General Faiz Hameed, surrounded by allegations of massacre in Panjshir, has an old relationship with controversies. General Faiz was captured by his wife along with a woman. Thereafter, he allegedly opened fire.

Lt Gen Faiz Hamid, the head of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, which played a bloody game with the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley, the stronghold of Afghanistan’s rebels, has come under controversy. Pakistan claims that General Faiz went to Kabul to help the Taliban government, but the rebels say that Pakistani commandos carried out the massacre in Panjshir at the behest of General Faiz. This is the same infamous General Faiz who has been in controversies even in his own country regarding girlfriend ‘General Rani’. Let’s know the whole matter….

According to the Friday Times report, there used to be a ‘General Rani’ in Pakistan in the 1960s. His name was Akleem Akhtar. He was a female friend of the then military dictator Yahya Khan. Between 1969 and 1971, General Rani Akleem Akhtar was considered the most powerful woman in Pakistan. It has been said in the report that whenever anyone had to say anything to the Pakistani dictator, he used to contact General Rani.
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Pakistani dictator used to follow the instructions of ‘General Rani’
This included Pakistani leaders and bureaucrats. After the leftist movement between 1968 and 1969, military dictator General Ayub Khan had to resign from the post of ruler of the country. After this, General Ayub Khan appointed Yahya Khan as the new martial law administrator of the country. At the same time, Akleem started being addressed in the media as ‘General Rani’. It is believed that this ‘General Rani’ used to work to satisfy the ‘hunger’ of Yahya Khan’s women and alcohol.

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Gradually, General Rani started advising Yahya Khan in policy and political matters as well. The condition became such that in those days, in the political arena of Pakistan, more and more definite information than Yahya Khan was with General Rani. General Rani was initially married to a policeman. He had 6 children. Once she took off her burqa, her husband was furious. After this Akleem Akhtar left the house with her children. He started going to nightclubs and trapping rich and powerful people through beautiful women who ran away from home.

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General Faiz and his ‘General Rani’ found in objectionable condition
Akleem was looking for a person who would be powerful and could support him. It was here that he met Yahya Khan and upon seeing Akleem, the Pakistani dictator gave him heart. Now after so many years, once again there is a discussion of the new ‘General Rani’ in the politics of Pakistan. Actually, there were reports in the past that the daughter of General Rani is a famous journalist of Pakistan. With this Pakistani journalist, now the discussion of the current ISI Chief General Faiz Hamid’s love affair is on everyone’s tongue.

According to Pakistani media, General Faiz and his ‘General Rani’ were in an objectionable condition at home and during this time the ISI chief’s wife came and caught her red-handed. Seeing the handiwork of the ISI chief, his wife got so angry that she opened fire. An attempt was made to suppress the incident but it came in the media. Hamid Mir, a Geo TV journalist, warned the ISI chief that if there were more attacks on journalists, he would reveal to the world the full details of his relationship with the new General Rani. Pakistani journalists keep alleging that the country’s military officers and diplomats go to America to spend the night with women.

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